What Tuhoe & Kim Dotcom have in common – sue the arses off the Police



Kim Dotcom and the people of Tuhoe have something in common. Both have had their civil rights abused by the police and both have the opportunity to demand compensation from the Government via the courts.

The reality is that the NZ Police won’t learn one single lesson about their abuse of power unless they are sued. And sued viscously.

I mean, really hard. Make the buggers bleed compensation.

We should all be cheering Dotcom and the people of Tuhoe on in this endeavor because despite it being our taxpayer dollars they will be taking these abuses of power will never be curtailed if the Police know they can get away with it.

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Make no mistake, both issues are serious. You know it is when John Key says he might have to apologise to Maori and has already apologized to Kim Dotcom.

When Lusk, Slater & Jordan Williams go into the forest with guns to plot, it’s called hunting. When Tame Iti does it, it’s called terrorism. When corporate Hollywood push their agenda on us via the TPPA it’s called free trade, when Kim Dotcom operates it’s called internet piracy.

If you want to see an end to these double standards, it will only occur when the authorities are taught a lesson via penalties.

I hope the people of Tuhoe and Kim Dotcom sue the arses off our authorities.


  1. I hope they take it to Court as well. If anything, maybe more will come out about the growing power of the State to surveil us.

    It’s ironic… for decades we were part of the Western alliance in a Cold War against the Eastern bloc. We were the “good guys” fighting for freedom and to resist the power of the State.

    Now that we won the Cold War, our own State is employing the same tactics against us, as the Eastern Bloc did.

    Massive irony?


    But even more ironic is that it’s the Right cheering on the power of the State and increasing police powers…

    Does the Right really think there’s any difference between a Fascist State and the Soviet variety?

    Hold on… there’s a truckload of irony being delivered up, even as I write this.

  2. As long as reparations are confined to monetary penalties paid by all taxpayers, poaka will not change. A few of them need to end up in prison before they’ll even notice we aren’t happy.
    When the poaka act unlawfully, they become equal to civilians. The penalties due to a civilian group who put up armed roadblocks and kidnapped people at gunpoint should apply to them as well.

  3. “The reality is that the NZ Police won’t learn one single lesson about their abuse of power unless they are sued. And sued viscously.”

    Sued viscously? Typo – or recognition of a sticky situation?

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