Stopping the culture of ‘entitlement’ at the border



The trouble with young people today…
The most recent Time cover story calls the generation of young adults known as millennials “lazy, entitled narcissists”.

Writer Joel Stein points out, “The incidence of narcissistic personality disorder is nearly three times as high for people in their 20s as for the generation that’s now 65 or older, according to the National Institutes of Health; 58 per cent more college students scored higher on a narcissism scale in 2009 than in 1982”.

This sudden moral panic over the kids being narcissistic these days was followed up yesterday by the claim that all this mollycoddling was creating a generation of selfish losers…

‘Right to success’ belief can cause students to struggle
Students who have an exaggerated belief they have “a right to success” are more likely to struggle come exam time, a University of Otago study shows.

Yawn. Really? Read the following…

“Our youth should be trained from the first in a stricter system, for if amusements become lawless, and the youths themselves become lawless, they can never grow up into well-conducted and virtuous citizens […] Thus educated, they will invent for themselves any lesser rules which their predecessors have altogether neglected.”

…that was Socrates bitching about young people these days in Plato’s Republic.

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What many baby boomers decry as ‘entitlement’ amongst younger generations are just the basic state funded equal opportunities they have enjoyed all their life. That the next generation have expectations for the way they are treated and their quality of work-life should be celebrated rather than belittled.

Being lectured by older generations who received their education for free when state services were fully funded from the decks of their multiple properties that are locking Gen X and Gen Y out of ever owning their first home doesn’t make for healthy inter-generational relations.

If the next generation is more selfish, it is because they have been taught to be that way by adults. The user pays society that promotes selfishness as a virtue has generated a mean spiritedness that will now see students arrested at the border for fleeing NZ with outstanding student debts.

When you consider 45% of new money in the last budget is all being pumped into superannuation while 25% of children live in poverty and people scramble to blame the parents for hungry children even though the benefit has not been lifted since it was cut in the 1990s by Ruth Richardson, NZ has become a terrible place to raise children.

We don’t have a youth problem in NZ, we have an adult problem.


  1. I think it’s the baby boom generation who have gone feral, moving way to the right in the past 10 years or so. The baby boom generation is not the same as the so called “hippies” which are a subset of the former. Most baby boomers in New Zealand were (and are) conservative in nature. These are the ones who are riding Harley motorcycles and roaming in motorhomes 45 years after this was cool and alternative.

    • They are also the generation that fought French nuclear testing, apartheid tours, against the Vietnam War, against Rogernomics, ………..
      I have seen little more shallow than politics based on age. Class is more than something you sat in at school.

  2. When the German SPD supported the imperialist world war 1, Lenin was shocked. So much so that when he saw the copy of the ‘Vorwarts’ (Fowards) paper he believed it was a forgery. Why would the SPD and a large section of the working class with it support the war?
    In his work ‘Imperialism the highest form of capitalist development’ Lenin establishes the material basis of this betrayal. In essence the working class had been bribed with a standard of living above that which predominated during the historical period, the same as our baby boomers. In return to maintain that higher standard they must defend the imperial power of Germany, conversely our baby boomers support neo-liberal reform to defend their privilege against economic stagnation, mass youth unemployment, soaring property prices, environmental catastrophie, etc etc . . .

  3. Through my work, friends and sports activities I’ve been privileged to meet a large number of excellent younger people. They’ve been kind, generous, intelligent, motivated kids who give me just a little hope that maybe the future isn’t all bad. Yet all I hear through the media is how terrible every young person is.

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