So Key has been caught out brain fading about Solid Energy



Key’s $1b Solid Energy request in doubt

Newly released papers raise fresh questions over Prime Minister John Key’s claim that Solid Energy asked for $1 billion of taxpayers’ money to fund its transformation into a massive resources company.

Key made the claim earlier this year when it was revealed the state-owned coal miner was on the verge of collapse under the weight of almost $400 million in debt.

Former chairman John Palmer, who approached the Government with the plan in 2010, denied asking for the money but later said he understood why Mr Key might have said the proposal involved “those sorts of costs”.

But Solid Energy documents released by Treasury yesterday detailing the proposal contain noreference to a request for the money.

Isn’t it funny? If Helen Clark had lied about Solid Energy asking for an extra billion as it drowned in its own incompetence due in part to her weak oversight, the NZ Herald would be calling for out right revolution, Key lies through his teeth and it’s a small story given less importance than a story about a British woman who complains she is too beautiful to be employed, some bullshit story about rugby and Murray McCully sucking up to America…

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…the mainstream media are so biased that if Key beat up a kid live on TV, the NZ Herald would write an editorial blaming the child.

Key brain faded about Solid Energy asking for a billion, he brain faded about not knowing anything about Kim Dotcom, he brain faded about his own shares in companies, he brain faded over GCSB, he brain faded over calling his mate about the top spy job, and he brain faded about telling us all they were old school friends. He gets away with it because his vested interests are the same as the corporate media who report on him.

When Seven Sharp and the NZ Herald are the benchmarks of journalism in NZ, it is no wonder the uninformed population overwhelmingly support National.


  1. I am ‘arguably legally’ and ethically comfortable ( sic) with this because of course I am not going to actually read the Solid Energy documents released by Treasury yesterday detailing the proposal that contained no reference to a request for the money.

    Now I can look people straight in the eye without a tic and say our Prime Minister and those who are aiding and abetting him in the firesale of Aoteroa, the subjugation of all but its future gated 2%, and those allied with potentially the biggest derivatives scam on a whole nation, are really working in all our interests in The land of the Long White Propaganda Fog.
    I will also be able to say our PM is just like the rare good selfmade ‘ Kiwi blokes’ who used to live next door, gave their yearly salary to Oxfam,were great business & family men but actually ripped off the whole neighbourhood in Get-Invested ShareThe Debt scheme.. or the Die Early Destitute Scam’
    The truth sadly is Key simply hasn’t yet been officially diagnosed with PNB
    ( Poltzheimers NeoLiberal Brainfade) by reporters desperate to keep their own jobs as propaganda parrots as the media corporations ‘restructure’.
    This is the most insidious of all global viruses currently afflicting Banks Dunne and so many party political leaders round the world. Unreported by the W.H.O.

    Of course when China and the US actually do decide to use the Pacific as a testing ground to see who has the biggest fleet of remote controlled toys & robosoldiers, we can all stand to attention when Key’s picture is regularly beamed into our little Serco built, owned & monitored people pens and keep smoking the K2 soma that Monsanto gives us for free.
    Can someone please wake me up from this nightmare I am beginning to think I am seeing people with the woolmark brand & barcode on their necks!

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