Student Defaulters – to be arrested on sight at all borders



Student loan defaulters to face border arrest

Acknowledgment: Student loan defaulters to face border arrest


With National declaring that student defaulters who have not paid for their education are to be arrested on sight at our borders, I thought it my civic duty to assist Police and Border Guards to share a Wanted poster with readers.

Please note that these people have not re-paid one cent of their free tertiary education.


Police Wanted loan defaulters - poster

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These people are not to be approached as Police consider their ideological affront to common sense  to be  injurious to the public good.



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  1. Nice blog and great meme, but somebody needs to fix the text because it does not read quite right.

    The knats would have every public service transformed into a commodity if they had their way. Some things should always remain public service that are publicly funded, especially those things that are defined by that “culture of entitlement” known as the UNHR or basic human rights.
    Tax cuts should be recognized for what they are, the bait that catches people on the privatization hook. Reduce the public purse, cry that services are unsustainable and then turn them into cash cows that ordinary people then have to spend those tax cuts on to purchase. What a scam and what an embarrassment that we the public fall for it every time. When it comes to public versus private the political spectrum is absolutely two pole left versus right.

  2. Lol. Nice joke, but that’s about it. As much as I dislike nats, this is just basic common sense. If study is free when you study, make the most of it. If you take a loan out, repay it. Surely that is being decent/honest?

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