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MMP vote will lead to total review of system

Acknowledgment: MMP vote will lead to total review of system


The above screen-shot of a NZ Herald story was one of many in 2010 that promised New Zealanders a review of  MMP, if voters endorsed that system in the 2011 general election.

Voters duly chose MMP over other alternatives, voting 57.8% in favour – up from 53.9% in November, 1993 (see:  Referendums in New Zealand).

Accordingly, as per legislation, a Review was triggered;


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s75 Electoral Referendum Act 2010

Acknowledgment: Legislation: s 75 Electoral Referendum Act 2010


This was legislation that National – including Minister Judith Collins – passed through the House and enacted  on 20 December 2010.

So for Judith Collins to reject the  implementation  of the Electoral Commission’s recommendations is nothing less than unbelievable.

Especially when she said in the House on 14 May;

Mr Speaker, of course I did not hold the MMP Review. That was a matter that was undertaken by the Electoral Commission. But I can also say that I made it very clear that we need concensus on these matters for any change and there is no concensus for any change.

National has a proven track record of ducking for cover and avoiding responsibility – but even Collins’ assertion that “I did not hold the MMP Review. That was a matter that was undertaken by the Electoral Commission” is something that defies understanding.

To repudiate legislation from a previous government is one thing.

But to repudiate a law that she herself voted for?!?! The brazeness of National politicians is beyond belief.

The arrogance of Aaron Gilmore and that of Judith Collins and her fellow National MPs differs in only one respect –  Gilmore was ‘outed’ by copious quantities of liquor in his bloodstream. At least he had an excuse.

If voters needed further evidence at how out-of-touch National is with the rest of the country – it is Judith Collins thumbing her nose at the democratic process; the people who contributed to the Electoral Commission review; and to every New Zealander who believes we live in a democracy.

A few questions for the Minister to consider*,

  1. What was the point in spending taxpayer’s money on this Review, if you had no intention of implementing it’s findings?
  2. Is this the response that New Zealanders can now  expect with any other Review conducted by your so-called ‘government”?
  3. Will you be compensating those people who spent considerable time and money on making submissions to the Review – only to find it a total waste of effort?
  4. Was the motive for rejecting the Commission’s findings based on the electoral needs of your two coalition partners, John-“What Helicopter Ride?”-Banks and Peter-“No Child Poverty Here – Move Along”-Dunne?
  5. What demands or talks have you had with Banks and Dunne on this issue and was dumping the Commission’s recommendations a condition of their continuing coalition support? (I’m not even expecting a straight answer to that question.)
  6. Have you approached Labour and the Greens for a cross-Party conference on implementing the Commission’s findings? If not, why not?
  7. Since you reject the recommendations of the the Electoral Commission, will you be requesting their resignations, as it appears you no longer have any faith in that body?
  8. Why did you vote for the Electoral Referendum Act 2010 if you had no intention of following through with it?
  9. On an Ego  Scale of 1 to 10 – 1 being “I’m as humble as Jesus Christ – and 10 being “I AM F**KING JESUS CHRIST!”, how do you score your humility/arrogance?
  10. Will you resign?

By the way. A message to John Key.

Dear Leader says he would like the Parliamentary Term extended from three to four years…

Let me offer a pointer to that, Mr Prime Minister,


When Hell Freezes Over


You want our respect and trust?

Earn it.


* A link to this blogpost will be emailed to the Minister’s office. Even if Collins doesn’t read this, her staff can have a giggle at her expense.





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Legislation: s 75 Electoral Referendum Act 2010



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  1. Email sent to Minister Collins,

    Date: Thurs, 16 May 2013 10.48am
    From: Frank Macskasy fmacskasy@yahoo.com
    Subject: MMP Review
    To: “judith.collins@parliament.govt.nz” judith.collins@parliament.govt.nz

    Kia ora Ms Collins,

    Regarding your decision to capitulate to your Party’s self-interest in maintaining the viability of your coalition partners (ACT and Peter Dunne), and not implement the recommendations of the Electoral Commission – what is your response to the ten questions I have presented on my blogpost at THE DAILY BLOG; https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2013/05/16/judith-collins-minister-of-talking-crap/

    Any light you can shed on this issue will be appreciated.

    -Frank Macskasy

  2. “and to every New Zealander who believes we live in a democracy”

    We only live in a democracy at election time, when the parties with a majority coalition have enough votes to get into government want to be democratic. It’s not a surprise, when was the last referendum that prompted change in our “democratic” country? I’m not even sure. The only difference is whether the vote is discarded straightaway, or whether a “review” is carried out then discarded.

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