Citizen A: With Martyn Bradbury, Keith Locke & Matthew Hooton On Budget + Key’s Deal + Gilmore Wrap


Citizen A: With Martyn Bradbury, Keith Locke & Matthew Hooton discuss the following issues:

  • Budget 2013, what should the Government spend money on?
  • How good is John Key’s poker face when dealing the Sky City Convention Centre deal?
  • Was the Aaron Gilmore fiasco an engineered distraction?

Citizen A broadcasts weekly on Face TV and webcasts on The Daily Blog.


  1. Why did you let Hooton get away with pejorative statements such as ‘loony left’ and the ‘teacher unions funding the Labour Party’ which is demonstrably a lie? This is straight from the Nats handbook of attacking the person rather than the issues (argumentum ad hominem, to be technical) and this approach, above all else, needs to be nobbled in the next 18 months. The Nat’s response to Labour/Green power scheme used the same attack – Albania, North Korea, etc. Surely a condition of being invited to be on your show could be that he states his case in a rational way, rather than this nonsense. Or is this a cunning plan?

  2. As a fiscal conservative I found myself strangely agreeing with Hooton this episode (I do agree with Allan Alach above, that phrases like “Loony Left” are not at all helpful, and Bomber should have reprimanded him). Anyway, as Hooton pointed out, English’s budget certainly doesn’t scream “austerity” to me. That said, this Government loves doing punitive cuts, usually squarely aimed at society’s most vulnerable, apparently to appease a cadre of “hard-right” politicians and/or appeal to the working poor. They certainly aren’t substantive enough to fall into the “we must do this, to balance the deficit” excuse – that is found in education and health, the latter especially being ripe for trimming imo and certainly NOT adding to ($1.6B INCREASE, wtf is going on in this sector?!).

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