Nick Smith to privatize State Houses


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Let’s call it for what it is – Nick Smith privatizing State Homes…

Govt plans to ditch Housing NZ properties
UP to 12,000 state houses could be transferred to community groups and charities under a plan outlined by Housing Minister Nick Smith today.

Smith’s ambition is to see Housing NZ scaled back to provide far less a share of what he called “social housing”.

At the moment HNZ provides 94 per cent of social housing, and Smith wants that to be no more than 80 per cent, a model used in Australia and Britain.

…the solution to the grinding poverty is not privatizing state homes, it is to build tens of thousands more! Now is the time for some big Keynesian spending to alleviate poverty, generate employment and help the poor transition into home ownership.

Affordable housing is all well and good, but at the prices Labour have quoted, that’s affordable housing for the children of the middle classes, what about the working poor and beneficiaries? Are they to be homeless with no pathway to home ownership?

To decide to make life even more wretched and open to abuse by slum lords is legislative cruelty. Shrugging off their social responsibilities by selling state houses are the actions of those wealthy enough not to care and ideologically blinkered enough to be ignorant.

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This country becomes meaner by the second.


  1. Keynesian policy on Q.E (Quantitative easing) is not just about spending to stimulate the economy, It also creates inflation which destroys the value of workers wages. It also led to the Volkner shock, who is currently one of Obama’s economic advisors. Keynesian policies are deeply flawed and anti worker. Keynesian unions such as the CIO even supported imperialist wars.

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