Comedy Fest Review: Tom Rhodes (4 stars)



If you haven’t made it yet to a comedy fest show, this is your chance. Imagine Bill Hicks if he had survived cancer and mellowed out with an ounce of cannabis per day, you’d have Tom Rhodes.

The semi-auomatic rapid fire of jokes is machine gunned into the audience bringing forth biting cynical observations of the world from an angry Gen Xer.

The early 90s rap jokes are beautiful, his desire to shout witch whenever he sees a magician perform a trick, the worst present he ever got was an audio book narrated by Stephen Hawkins and the Gay Angel jokes are all terribly clever quirky twists of wit which Rhodes pulls off effortlessly.

He’s charming, a bit dark (his reasons for hating on his 12 year old niece are hilariously bleak) and his rant on how Barbie leads girls to giving rich guys blowjobs is comedic genius.

Rhodes is the real deal and worth making the effort to get out and see.

4 stars

PLAYING: 8.30pm 9th, 10th & 11th @ The Classic

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