BREAKING: John Key gets to play butch with Aaron Gilmore

Prime Minister John Key announces his remedy to the GCSB scandal.


Gilmore should resign from Parliament – PM

Prime Minister John Key has sent a clear message to MP Aaron Gilmore to resign, referring the case to the party president.

Yawn – now Key doesn’t need Gilmore’s vote because of Horomia’s vacancy, he’ll play the tough guy shtick and suggest resignation while the GCSB law gets rammed through Parliament. Gilmore has always been a smokescreen, this is the the old bait & switch.

The quick sly Key jumps over the lazy mainstream media.


  1. Well quite. Between Gilmore and ‘Wellington is dying’ the media, commentators and commenters, and the general public have plenty to distract them while Key goes about his business. Emphasis on business.

  2. The mainstream media are not ‘lazy’. They are complicit in the promotion of fascism.

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