I still don’t care about Aaron Gilmore



I wish msm was as fascinated with draconian beneficiary reform & union crushing law as they are with Aaron Gilmore calling somone a dickhead.

Bryce Edwards covered a bewildering number of blogs who gave a waste of political foreskin like Gilmore WAY TOO MUCH considered opinion while the Government quietly manouvered the right for the GCSB to legally spy on NZers.

I said right at the beginning of this Gilmore fiasco

To be blunt, I don’t care about Aaron Gilmore or the clamor for him to resign. That the National Party selected a rich, spoilt, arrogant prick as a candidate doesn’t interest or surprise me in the least. I am however incandescent with rage over the fact that since 2007, the average wage has dropped $107 per week, unemployment jumped from 3.9% to 7.3% and 25% of NZ children live in poverty.

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Let’s channel our anger where it’s most needed. Yes the waiter had to put up with crap, yes Aaron probably misled the Prime Minister, yes he has all the hallmarks of a full blown born to rule arsehole but that’s pretty much my expectation for every National Party MP I meet and there are far more important issues we should be focusing on.

Gilmore has allowed Hooton and Farrar to climb to the peaks of Mt Righteous and denounce this bastard child of the National Party as if his boorish behavior is somehow not the real face of the average dickhead born to rule National Party MP.

Ultimately Key needs Gilmore’s one vote so he was NEVER going to be banished and all this hair pulling and shrill shrieking is worthless media teeth gnashing while the rushed legislation to allow the GCSB to legally spy on NZ represents a vast erosion of civil liberties requiring far more attention than it has.

If you have nothing to hide, you still have plenty to fear about the new GCSB laws.


  1. I do care about Aaron Gilmore, however not as the news would like me to.
    I care about Aaron Gilmore as a tool, a distraction to cover up the egregious an foul breaches of the fundamental common law that are being pushed through under it’s cover.

    You see Aaron Gilmore is, at the moment, not a politician. In fact Aaron Gilmore is no-longer even a person. It is a *scandal*, a distraction, a curtain. It is a convent stage prop designed to hold the attention of the public, until the changes happening in it’s concealment are finalized, and until the normalization of the effects of those changes can begin.

    So why are we going along with this nonsense again?

  2. I suppose you’re right. After all this is someone whose political legacy will be remembered as “Do you know who I am?”

  3. I don’t think you can quite claim that you ‘don’t care’ about Aaron Gilmore when you’ve managed to base two blog entries on him.

  4. Every time Key has a hurdle to jump, along comes a media distraction and the public get sidetracked in going” tsk, tsk, that poor nice Mr. John Key, how he is so much more deserving that these fools that let him down”
    Teflon Key can’t be that lucky.
    I am starting to smell a rat now.
    Was this a well managed and PLANNED media distraction?
    The whole sage couldn’t have played out better if it had been planned from the start.
    This is our real WMD – Weapons of Media Distraction.

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