BREAKING: The asset sales referendum bid has failed – left wing home goal



Ouch – the asset sales referendum bid has failed – It is short by approximately 16,500 valid signatures. The organizers now have 2 months to get the remaining shortfall, but it is a massive blow for the Anti-Assett sale movement to not get the signatures and in particular the focus will unfairly fall upon the Greens.

As the Party that used $75 000 in taxpayer funds to gain the signatures, the blame is going to flow their way, which I think is terribly unfair.

The Greens carried the bulk of this project. It was some of the other partners to this who were woeful in getting their a into g to gather signatures and their foot dragging has gifted the right a home goal.

The dissatisfaction, apathy and alienation of the wider electorate as they scramble to stay afloat leaves them with little energy to fight but this is as much disorganization as it is political disconnect.

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I have no doubts the anti-asset sale movement will gain the extra signatures, but this should have been completed in one move, not two. Expect the right to start braying to the high heavens over this.


  1. I don’t think it’s an “own goal” – just didn’t get the ball through the posts first time round

  2. Why are you highlighting the funding issue? The Greens were fully entitled to spend the money, it had been allocated to them, and I can’t think of many better ways to spend it.

  3. So, it is like most other citizen’s initiated referenda in NZ’s history then.

    Also, what other options did Labour and the Greens have? NOT try and gauge public dissatisfaction for asset sales?

    I fail to see your argument.

    • Maybe she did but she wasn’t a NZ resident on the electoral roll. Much like tens of thousands of other people who signed it it seems.

      • so your saying that tens of thousands of people commited fraud? Now whose supporters would be doing that in this case?


  4. It was Labour.Grey Power not the Greens who collected signatures in Whangarei.
    Mana and Labour and Grey Power in Kaitaia.

  5. I signed the petition while jouncing up Queen Street protesting asset sales, as I also didn’t have my reading glasses on me at the time, I now wonder if my entry was invalid. If so how do I find out and can I resubmit my signature?

    Could someone explain to me the grounds for deciding which signatures were invalid and whether the people making these decisions were totally impartial.
    I worry that some entries may have been discounted for trival reasons.

  6. The Greens may have spent $ 75,000 trying to stop asset sales but I suspect this pales into insignificent compared to how much taxpayer money the Nats have spent on selling the idea (e.g. those annoying TV ads are not cheap).

  7. Under 18 and care about the issue? Signature invalid.
    Turned 18 since last election and haven’t enrolled yet? Signature invalid.
    Handsome Irish backpacker who believes in ‘occupy’ movements and green issues showing support? Signature invalid.

    Plenty of invalid signatures occur without people committing fraud, it can be hard to make sure everyone signing knows the rules when you’re in the middle of a busy collection rush…

  8. How many of the anti anti asset sales people went out and signed the thing intentional to stuff it up?
    You know you are walking down the street listening to John Key on ya MP3 player, and some tosser from the Green party gets in your face, so you are going to tell them to piss off, or sign their petition as M Mouse or M Thatcher, and walk away happy.
    With 20 -30 % of the people pro asset sales this must have happened, what? 20,000 times?

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