Matt Damon steps up for teachers against crazy right wing rhetoric


Matt Damon steps up for teachers against crazy right wing rhetoric


  1. What pisses me off more is these Bloody videos without corresponding text.
    Know-doubt a lot of you out there are still waiting for your ultra fast broadband, along with that brighter future, well spare a thought for those that can’t get on anything but dial-up without going to satellite, in-fact spare a thought for the people this site appears to be fighting for that can only afford dial-up.

  2. Matt Damon: A teacher wants to teach. Why else would you take a shitty salary and really long hours, and, and, and do that job, unless you really loved to do it. What’s your incentive? By your way of thinking, I don’t really understand, why does anybody teach? What’s your incentive?

    Idiot Reporter: Well, if you, if you have job security don’t you think that disincetivises…

    MD: It’s not job security, didn’t you just hear what she said, it’s not job security

    Sloppy Cameraman: Aren’t there 10% of teachers that are bad though? 10% of teachers are bad.

    Long-term Teacher: Where did you get that number?

    SC: 10% of people in any job are bad? Maybe they should think of something else, right?

    MD: Maybe you’re are shitty cameraman? I don’t know, maybe 10% of cameraman are bad. I mean, what’s the point?

    IR: How do they, how do they get fired, it’s impossible to fire someone who has tenure?

    LTT: I just told you, that’s not true.

    IR: C’mon it’s very difficult, almost impossible…

    LTT: How do you know that? I’m a life-long educator so where are you getting that information?

    IR: I know this is …

    MD: You came with that information and your sticking with it, but listent, there’s an answer from an expert that says that’s not true and you’re not absorbing that information.

    IR: I mean, if she was a teacher, I was in school, I’m just as educated as she is …

    MD: but you’re not…

    IR: I saw the difficulty first hand of what it is to get fired.

    MD: You knew a teacher that needed to get fired and it was difficult…

    IR: I was in the LA Unified School District and I know how difficult it was to fire a teacher

    MD: because you’re were a student there?

    IR: Well, yeah. I am involved in the community…

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