Citizen A with Colin Craig & David Slack


Citizen A with Colin Craig & David Slack

Issue 1: What is Auckland going to do about it’s gridlock problems?

Issue 2: The re-introduction of Youth rates & work and safety standards described as dysfunctional – are NZ Workers getting a fair deal from this Government

and Issue 3 tonight: Where does political satire stop and defamation begin?


  1. I am unable to view Citizen A at present due to computer malfunctions but I think it is good to have right wing commentators on it as well. Viewers of Citizen A are generally able to discern which arguments are the better ones and it makes for a more interesting debate.

  2. Great show -very interesting topics, deserves a wider audience. The audio quality seems a bit patchy though and on the TV broadcast sounded particularly poor. This is a shame as this programme is packed with insight and analysis.

  3. bomber..good to see yr call to leftists/progressives for individual action to counter climate-change..

    ..and given the simple act of stopping mowing lawns..(the lawnmower..given size/output etc. is one of the most polluting machines on the planet..and there are so many of them..used every week..)

    ..and another simple act..the stopping of eating animals/their bye-products..

    ..have been estimated as doing enough to counter the effects of cars etc…

    ..i look forward to your announcements that you will never again mow..

    ..and have gone/become vegan..

    ..and to those ends i offer two (to be patented) lawn-walkdown-method..

    ..i haven’t mowed our lawns for five years now…i just walk them down..early in the morning..after best..

    ..and something marvellous has just happened..swan plants are springing up everywhere…

    ..and the soil they are growing out of is so rich in five years worth of rotting material..they are growing gangbusters..and no..of course they will not be walked down..

    ..and even this late in the year..i am stoked to have caterpillars living/feeding on them.. summer will be gangbusters..with caterpillars and monarch butterflies swarming around the place..woo-hoo..!

    ..the birds also love the yard/lawn..they gorge on the teeming insect life living under that walked-down lawn..

    ..the other tool i will offer is a link to the vegan category on my site..

    ..there you will find all the recipies/nutritional-information/reasons to go vegan you will ever need..

    ..and recipies..?

    ..gourmet vegan japanese/indian/thai etc etc..mmm!!!

    ..and having been vegan for about 15 yrs now..

    ..i can also attest to the enhanced feelings of wellbeing that result from that food/dietary-change..

    ..and as for having longer-grass..?

    ..also very soothing to watch/look at when a bit

    ..almost a form of meditation..all those flurries and whirls..very nice..

    ..the above actions are ones easily taken by any leftist/progressive..

    ..and i wd submit that ignoring those clear environmental/end-suffering/better-health imperatives..

    ..could really be taken as evidence of a large mote in the eye of the average lawn-mowing/flesh-eating leftist/

    ..and i do have to admit to being dead chuffed at the news that tama iti has gone vegan while in jail..

    ..mainly for the surprise-factor – and also the power of him carrying that message to both young maori..

    ..and to leftists/progressives in general..

    ..and as a final note/encouragement to leftist/progressives’ personal vanity – to change.

    ..have you seen bill clinton lately..?..since he went vegan..?


    ..he has never looked so (physically) good..

    ..’bubba’..has become ‘bubba!’..

    ..set yr lawns..and the

    phillip ure..

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