Aaron Gilmore – who cares?



To be blunt, I don’t care about Aaron Gilmore or the clamor for him to resign. That the National Party selected a rich, spoilt, arrogant prick as a candidate doesn’t interest or surprise me in the least. I am however incandescent with rage over the fact that since 2007, the average wage has dropped $107 per week, unemployment jumped from 3.9% to 7.3% and 25% of NZ children live in poverty.

Let’s channel our anger where it’s most needed. Yes the waiter had to put up with crap, yes Aaron probably misled the Prime Minister, yes he has all the hallmarks of a full blown born to rule arsehole but that’s pretty much my expectation for every National Party MP I meet and there are far more important issues we should be focusing on.

There is a Bill to Feed the kids coming up where the poorest children in our country could be fed. That is by far a more noble, positive and immediate solution to spend our time focusing on than setting the dogs of war on a waste of political skin like Aaron bloody Gilmore.


  1. ” Let’s channel our anger where it’s most needed. ”
    But don’t assume that many of the comments and analysis regarding Aaron Gilmore on blogs is ‘anger’.
    (I sometimes watch FOX News for amusement)
    Personally I regard the pathetic little dipstick (Gilmore) as an irrelevance.

    IF, in my comments in venues (such as TS, etc) are perceived as anger, they’re not – as I’m sure are many others.
    They’re more to do with amusement – amusement at the way Aaron and his supporting enterage are so arrogant as to think I actually give a fuck about his ilk.
    Afterall, this wouldn’t be the first time that the born-to-rule, holier-tha-thou have assumed their self-importance is so overwhelming as to be able to sack a waiter by way of a nod and a wink.
    And it doesn’t JUST apply to Aaron at Hanmer.
    This is just the incident that’s recieved media attention.
    There’d be more than a dozen other indidents – such as Prime Ministerial enterages in transit in areas such as the Kapiti Coast where their victims could relate similar tales.
    In my case Bomber – it’s NOT anger – its amusement at the antics, the arrogance, and the naiivety. Amusement at their attitude.

    I sincerely hope the Prime Minister continues to give unconditional support to the likes of Gilmore, Parata, Bridges and others. It serves to hasten their collective decline.
    Its just a shame we don’t hear more of these episodes – possibly because the (sometimes) accompanying press are just as crass and full of wank.

  2. Two words might explain Mr Gilmore’s sudden media exposure: Simon Bridges. He’s a really nasty National party piece of work and the tentative probings in his direction have to be deflected. Gilmore is but a side show, a ploy, a red herring , a whatever.

  3. It’s trivial, but he could well be the undoing of John Key.

    It’s one of those classic moments that kiwis will never forget. And it happened during the international comedy festival ta boot. Here’s a rich, well connected, wannabe powerful national party guy getting lampooned in front of the whole world. That’s awesome.

    I think it’s important to make politics fun, and this guy has given me a reason to smile so I say go with it.

  4. Yes but he’s able to sway pubic opinion and spends my fucking money doing it ! He’s in there so God only knows what damage such an arsehole can cause behind the scenes . He has to go ! And any other power mongering arrogant bullying political fucker needs to know that , that kind of behaviour will not be tolerated by the people who pay him . The grave statistics you sight here Martyn are emanating from the likes Aaron Gilmore .

  5. I see an opportunity…

    Instead of a simple sacking – I think Aaron Happy Gilmore and the Waiter should do an Eddie Murphy style Trading Places (and income) for one year. The waiter can take his experience with the realities of minimum wage and social injustice into parliament and be a meaningful advocate and voice. Gilmore can take his arrogant shit eating grin life of privilege wankery into the real world of the service industry and be confronted with what it takes to deal with cum stains like him who should’ve been shot into the sheets, while having to remain polite and professional – make it a Reality TV Show that follows in equal measure each of their journeys… finally, something worth watching!

  6. I thought National was pro free-market? Why is one of their MPs threating state intervention in the private sector by firing staff they don’t see fit?That’s possibly the most annoying fault with this incident in the deep, dark depths of the mind of Key and National. Where’s the cry of COMMUNISM! I wouldn’t be surprised if behind closed doors this incident is a laughing matter for them; “sock it to ‘em for the lousy service” – a sentiment probably shared by National’s wealthy voters.

    Should the People one day awake and bring justice to these neoliberal cretins, Aaron Gilmore should be condemned to life waiting on the public at a state owned hospitality industry, wearing a name tag “Dickhead” so no one will forget who he is. “Hey! Dickhead! Where’s the wine!”

  7. It’s not that simple. National needs Gilmore’s vote in parliament to sneak unpopular laws affecting all of us, and it seems that they’re not going to get rid of him in a hurry. They hope this brouhaha will die off eventually, so they can go on about their business like before, eg. taking more and more rights from Kiwi workers and continue making the lives of the poor and the beneficiaries more miserable.

  8. “I thought National was pro free-market?” Like all political (and other) cretins, they’re only free market when it suits them! Pick and choose to suit their own ends whilst espousing the nobleness of their cause – like religion, really!

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