BREAKING NEWS: Minto throws his hat in the ring for Mana in Auckland Mayoral race


John-Minto-screenshot-3Last night the Mana Co-Vice President John Minto was endorsed as an official Mana Movement candidate for the Auckland supercity mayoralty.

John is looking forward to the campaign.

“Heaven knows Auckland needs a break from the dreadful policies of the past which have left the majority of Aucklanders struggling to get ahead.”

“It’s a great opportunity to get Mana’s messages out there to the people of Auckland and give them a real choice in the mayoral race.”

The election will be fought over –

· Traffic gridlock
· Affordable rental housing
· A living wage for Aucklanders
· Who runs the supercity – Auckland or Wellington?
· Rates and council charges

Mana is putting the final touches to policy in each of these areas and we’ll announce them following the Mana campaign launch for the mayoralty – date yet to be finalised.

In due course Mana will also announce policies covering other important issues facing the city.

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  1. John Minto is articulate with an exemplarily good track record, what you see is what you get. “Lenslide” has been well captured by the right after being given many chances to prove otherwise.

    Will the Cits and Rats run a candidate against Len? meaning a three way contest? or will it be a straight left against third way social democracy contest, interesting either way. Minto for Mayor.

  2. Good luck, John, but PLEASE take the right side on public transport and the Unitary Plan. There is a lot of fear being stoked by the right – but intensification (cheap quality apartments/townhouses) and completing the City Rail Link are vital to create affordable housing and end motorway madness.

  3. Genius!

    The Right Honourable Prime Minister, Mr Don-Key, will be most seriously displeased at this development.

    May necessitate retaining a few more consultants, possibly of Australian origin.

  4. Genius!

    The Right Honourable Prime Minister, Mr Don-Key, will be most seriously displeased at this development.

    May necessitate retaining a few more consultants, possibly, of Australian origin.

  5. Good luck John Minto . But watch your back . There are dark forces at work and they’ll stop at nothing . You’re exactly what ‘ They ‘ fear the most . A lit match looking for a fuse . And remember too that [it’s ] bigger then a few grumpy New Zealanders getting shirty about annoying commutes in an untidy little town that thinks it can play ball with the big boys . And while on that note , Auckland needs to spread out . There’s plenty of room . Say , between Bluff and Kaitia . Christ knows , Balclutha for example needs a latte that doesn’t inspire the gag reflex . A town where the only colour on Main Street is the blue on the hoarding showing Bill ‘ The Double Dipping , Dipton dribbler ‘ Englishs’ ugly mug smiling like a cunning dope .

    Norman Kirk ; Dead from mystery illness . David Lange ; Dead from unusual illness . Rod Donald ; Dead from unusual illness . Paul White ; Dead from mystery car accident .

    Roger Douglas : Fit and Healthy . Jim Bolger ; Fit and healthy . Ruth Richardson ; Fit and Healthy . Jenny Shipley ; Fit and Healthy . Richard Prebble ; Fit and Healthy . Mike Moore : Fit and healthy .

    270,000 kids ; Hungry .

    And bible bashers argue there is a God . Yeah right . ( Thanks Tuis )

    To hone your game skills I’d suggest you watch ‘ Game of Thrones ‘ washed down with a non stop bought of ‘ Boardwalk Empire ‘ .

    • Norm crossed the bankers investing the superannuation money in NZ instead of giving it to fatten the secret shadowy cartel of ruthless transnational banksters. He has to go just like many others who cross them. They consider they own the world.

      Certainly many others who strayed from obedience have perished. It takes little resource from a bottomless pocket.

      Dancing Cossacs on the screen – remember the campaign run by Hanna Babera – with CIA support.
      Our media weight in heavily against Rowling.

      John A Lee our inspirational thinker and honest speaker who moved policy to the benefit of all, also got discredited and dumped. But the weasels remained.

  6. ‘Traffic gridlock’ is far too simplistic.

    How do I get from the suburbs to work without huge delays, expensive fees or fares, parking hassles and stealth taxes, mismatched bus/train changes and other nightmares for the daily traveller? Or the folk who do night shifts…

    As a parent, or senior, how are you intending to make my travelling practical and a lot more friendly?

    And for the transport operators who would love to bypass. If you could just shift the old port facilities somewhere more practical and accessible.

    Hope you have a great team working on this, John. It’s critical for Auckland’s future prosperity.

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