One good speech on gay marriage doesn’t forgive Maurice Williamson for a political life waging war on the poor


SCCZEN_A_170413NZHMMWILLIAMSON1_460x230Maurice Williamson considers bid for Auckland mayoralty
Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson, who recently won international acclaim for his speech on the gay marriage bill, is considering running for Mayor of Auckland against Len Brown this year.

What made Maurice Williamson’s speech in support of marriage equality so special was the idea that such a right wing stormtrooper like Williamson could over come the petty bigotry of his own Party and show a flash of rainbow colored enlightenment.

It was surprising and it was nice. It doesn’t however greenlight Williamson as some sort of progressive vote for Auckland – far from it.

Maurice Williamson’s political life has been spent at war with Unions, attacking beneficiaries and the poor mixed with a deep hatred for public transport. To allow National to appoint their head kicker to the Super City would see Auckland city stripped of its assets as quickly as John Key can casually shrug a ‘I’m comfortable with that’ answer to a journalist.

Great speech on Marriage Equality – pity about your life long record attacking the weakest members of society for the benefit of the rich. One rainbow inspired moment doesn’t make for a hero parade.

No Maurice Williamson for Mayor of Auckland.


  1. Also it doesn’t give him a shining record on queer equality–I don’t see him rushing to fix queer youth homelessness, queerphobic bullying, suicide rates, trans* healthcare, or employment discrimination. Plus he voted against civil unions in 2005. He’s a cringingly bad ally with all that self-aggrandisement.

  2. In Maurice’s defence, he could hardly make the speech about equality for rich homos only now could he? He had to include the poor into this group to preach equality for all gays otherwise we would have seen his true colours not just Blinded by the myriad of Rainbow Colours he wants us to see.
    He next speech may be titled “I hate all poor people equally” however to balance out his “Rainbows for the Rich” speech and prove even more how fair he is…….

  3. I agree, definitely not Maurice Williamson. Let’s hope John Minto doesn’t run and splits the vote, which could give Maurice Williamson a chance.

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