Tui billboards are clever sarcasm for the post-marketing consumer – yeah right



‘Gay’ billboard brews controversy

Tui has defended its latest billboard, which some have called insulting and homophobic, saying it was a ”topical spin” on a parent’s new partner.

The billboard between Wellington and Petone on State Highway 2 reads, ”Dad’s new husband seems nice. Yeah right”.

Tui’s Facebook page has received comments about the advertisement since April 24, with some saying it is ”homophobic”, ”disgusting” and ”offensive”.

Tui’s homphobic new billboard ‘Dad’s new husband seems nice – yeah right’ finally creates something more tasteless than their beer. What a way to be on the wrong side of history? I bet the 1893 Tui billboard after the universal suffrage vote would’ve read ‘I like my woman out voting and away from kitchen – yeah right’

What a needless way to shit on something special.

Why couldn’t it have been ‘If gays can marry it’ll be the end of the earth – yeah right’?

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See I think there are groups in society who should always be offended and using edgy advertising to cut through media saturation is perfectly valid, but why pick on the groups in society who don’t have much power?

Isn’t that just bullshit bullying?

Here is a list for Tui of who they should be attacking:

-Rich people should always be offended.
-Corporations should live in a constant state of offense.
-The Police shouldn’t go one month without being deeply offended.
-Baby boomers with multiple residential properties beyond the family home and a Bach should be regularly insulted.
-Wealthy farmers should be pissed off a couple of times a year.
-Anyone who sees ZB as a legitimate source of information should be poked constantly and viciously.
-Politicians shouldn’t be allowed to sleep.
-White South Africans.
-White pride clowns.

Here is a list of people that Tui might want to avoid if they don’t want to be seen as arseholes:

-The poor.
-The disabled.
-Asian NZers.
-Children in poverty.
-Homosexuals who have just won equality for the first time.

See. It’s not too hard. Shitting on the powerful is courageous and generates respect and is actually the wit Tui aims to brew.

Shitting on the weaker members of society for a laugh however is just cowardly.


  1. I’m not sure what so homophobic about it.

    If it said “Dad’s new wife is nice – yeah right” would it be considered sexiest?

  2. And why should white South Africans get mocked?
    Do you think the many are deserving of ridicule because of the actions of the past? I have married a white south African…she was about 10 wen apartheid ended.

    Why do you think it is OK for her to be ‘attacked’?

    • Even if apartheid was still in place they weren’t individually responsible. However, they do come from a place with massive institutionalised racism, where the average income for whites is six times that of blacks, and the experience of a huge number of people I know is that white South Africans can be incredibly racially prejudiced. Ending apartheid didn’t magically solve all their problems.

  3. Saying it’s ok to pick on anyone could be construed as bullying. Would we rather promote a society that didn’t rely on bullying as it’s main form of advertising?

  4. While this billboard seems like harmless humour at face value, as many of its defenders have pointed out, it is much more sinister when you consider that Tui billboards have a track record on appealing to the prejudices of white, conservative males with obvious masculinity issues, the kind of men who demean other men by insinuating they are homosexual, who are affronted by headstrong women, and enjoy a bit of a laugh at the expense of dark-skinned minority groups. In other words, the good ol’ redneck kiwi bloke.

  5. I’ve spent years driving past that tui billboard.
    Occasionally it was quite funny … others not.
    It’s advertising for a private product that you may or may not choose to associate yourself with.

    The irony is that “leftist”(for lack of a better term) groups scream peoples right to freedom of expression when other groups express their displeasure at billboards that say perhaps mock jesus.

    You wanted equality … you got it. Welcome to having marriage jokes made about. Perhaps it hurts a little as you’re not used to it yet.

    Whilst a weak argument Tui should be commended for openly treating homosexuals just like everyone else.

    What is abhorrent is the authors statement that homosexuals are weaker members of society.

    Dude. I’ve been verbally abused and beaten a few times in my life. But not anymore because one thing i am not is “weak” in any sense.

    This weak group has fought long hard battles to get where they are today and that doesn’t come from being subservient. To imply such is an insult to all the hard work those who fought.

    What it does say along with your list of “don’t touch groups” is who you don’t actually view as equal in society. Because you think they should be treated differently. Which means somewhere along the line you view yourself as higher up foodchain than those you’ve mentioned.
    Arrogant much.

    • “What it does say along with your list of “don’t touch groups” is who you don’t actually view as equal in society.”

      You’re exactly right. Those people are not equal in society. They are treated as lesser than everyone else. They are targeted sometimes merely by angry people who want a somewhat acceptable outlet and sometimes through actual government legislation. They are discriminated against regularly. Encouraging further discrimination by putting the name of one of the biggest brands of beer in New Zealand on a billboard mocking those people (effectively saying “we’re important people and we think this is A-OK) is not cool.

  6. Can someone please go and paint bomb it with rainbow coloured paint filled balloons – can Tui drinkers even read?

  7. One of the nicest people I know is a white South African.
    One of the most vile people I know is a gay libertarian.
    I don’t think this sign is particularly bad. Even though it probably wasn’t designed to make people think, it just might. Kids often don’t like seeing their parents with new partners. Why should a same sex partner be any different? Get over it.

    • You didn’t tell us the politics of the white South African, btw. “Libertarian” makes basically anyone vile, so the two statements aren’t really equivalent.

  8. “Any publicity is good publicity”, it’s done it’s job. Currently writing a university assignment on the ethics of Tui advertising, and I’m having a field day. Your blog is one of the worst comments I have read so far

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