Comedy Fest review: Jeremy Elwood’s Notes – 4 stars



This was a killer decision.

Jeremy Elwood’s opening night was on at the same time as Michelle A’Court’s opening night. Two of my favourite NZ comedians both on at the same time.


Only a coin flip could sort this out. Jeremy Elwood won.

Elwood is one of the best NZ social critic comedians in the game. I’ve watched his work for many years (he must have been at almost every Comedy Fest since it began) and he just keeps going from strength to strength. It’s an intelligent comedy that shrewdly highlights the falsehoods of modern society while making you laugh your arse off.

Notes is a show that flips through the notebook Elwood uses to write comedy. Sometimes he can remember the reference, sometime he can’t. Each is a platform for him to wildly leap off with an intellect that challenges and dissects the everyday acceptance of spin.

Elwood is a clever brand of comedy that makes you feel like your brain has had a work out. We need to see him more in every medium.

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Well worth the effort to go and see.

8.45pm Tuesday 30th-Saturday 4th


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