The 5 Star Comedy Preview at Skycity



This years Comedy Fest is upon us and after the shit that everyday life seems to heap upon us, sweet baby Jesus do we all need a laugh.

Stuart Goldsmith, Markus Birdman, Andrew Bird, James Acaster, Elis James, Tom Gleeson, and Chris Martin are this years offering for the 5 Star Comedy Preview held as always at Skycity.

For all the mudslinging at Skycity, they have a good theatre and the idea that the limited venues we have may be gobbled up by more pokie machines is enough to become a full time gambler with a full blown gambling addiction.

The addition of a gambling game while punters were waiting to go in alongside Skycity staff asking to sign you up for the Skycity VIP quicker gambling card hints at how hard up Skycity must be for more gamblers at their yet to be built convention center.

Scott Blanks is the man NZ must be grateful to for comedy rising above Melody Rules standards. He has built the infrastructure for comedians to be able to earn a crust via the Classic in Queen street and he’s been a tireless supporter of local talent. His comedic baby has become a 20something year old with tourettes and a drinking problem and we should all feel very proud.

Tom Gleeson’s Jamaican goose-step joke is a highlight. James Acaster’s dead pan is very funny. Elis James from Wales articulated the grief of Welsh rugby supporters brilliantly. Chris Martin was hilarious as usual and Markus Birdman, Andrew Bird and Stuart Goldsmith all made welcome contributions.

You can see most of them tonight on the North Shore, or catch them independently doing their own standup.

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