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The funny fallout from Colin Craig’s “own goal” in threatening satirical blogger, The Civilian, continues at Ideologically Impure, with the  Day of Reckoning coming any day now. Promise.   QoT takes the opportunity to poke fun at some of the other morally conservative sillyness from the likes of Larry Baldock, NZ First MP Barbara Stewart, Gordon Copeland, et al.

No Right Turn shows us just why and how corruption can exist in right wing governments, when cronyism is involved and unchecked. Check out Idiot Savant’s  The UK’s political veto on corruption investigations.

A nice little piece of satire on Frogblog, about Al Morrison’s replcement on DoC;  Al Morrison’s replacement. Funny As – especially the rather cheeky, clever graphic attached. The only question remaining is; who did Dear Leader Key meet for breakfast/lunch/dinner/late-night-dwinkies?

Plenty of reading on Frankly Speaking, with Doing ‘the business’ with John Key – Here’s How (Part # Toru), about how Dear Leaderdoes The Business. He gives plenty of examples of the dodgy deal-making from our soon-to-be-thrown-out Prime Minister.

Also on Frankly Speaking, a look at a vile little unattributed, editorial in today’s Dominion Fascist Post; Does the Soviet Pravda’s spirit live on as the Dominion Post? It’s unbelievable that someone can be so  openly sycophantic to the ruling Natzi Party. (Am I allowed to say “Natzi Party”? Perhaps “Stalinist” might be more apropos?)

Checking out our favourite satirist, The Civilian, who reports that a  Celebrity mentioned New Zealand!! It’s a funny-as-f**k look at our desperation to be acknowledged throughout the Known Universe. Colin Craig is quoted (or not quoted),

I did not say this,” said Craig. “I have never said this, nor do I ever wish to be quoted as having said it.”

LMAO!!! 😀

Also have a squizz at The Civilian’s take on ANZAC Day;   No one attends dawn service. *ouch!* But when he “quotes” (or doesn’t quote) Dear Leader – it really sounds like his style of dork-talk.

On a serious note about homophobic bigotry, What’s the funniest thing about marriage equality?  A suitable time to read, and pause for thought.

Open Parachute, posts a critical response to Karl du Fresne’s recent article on the so-called Catholic Church.  He finds that – surprise, surprise! – Du Fresne has been Fiddling with census figures for religion in New Zealand to try to paint the Catholic Church is some sort of positive light. (Ultra-violet light? To check for semen stains on kid’s knickers?)

Give it up, Karl. If you want religion, go get a frock. Or whatever the hell they’re wearing these days.

The Civilian has started something in the blogosphere. Well, the progressive part anyway – the Right only laugh when a left-winger trips or otherwise comes to grief. Otherwise, *waves tricorder over Tighty Righty* no sense of humour detected by sensor scans…

For another great piece of satire, go to Hot Topic, where Gareth has written a neat little skit on Christopher “Heat? What Heat?” Monckton. Here’s a taste,

Monckton cantered through his usual repartee, carefully tailored to the local market, honed and refined by weeks of constant repetition. Slides came and slides went — there were even a few stifled laughs at his witticisms. Gone were the Gillard and Flannery jokes of his Australian tour, replaced by elegant barbs about Salinger, NIWA and the Greens. The elderly audience looked suitably horrified when he told them that Helen Clark was plotting to have them all rounded up and placed in concentration camps on Waiheke Island, and there were none of the dreadful Green Nazi youth pretending to be the Flat Earth Society hanging around the door tootling on strange instruments to upset proceedings. Their dress sense was terrible. Almost as bad as the audience’s.

Guaranteed to bring you a wry smile, followed by lotsa chuckling. Link ‘n’laugh;  Monckton and the big waka

On the Labour blog, Grant Robertson  tells us that  Joyce scaremongering on power prices,

“Steven Joyce needs to stop scaremongering if he wants to be taken seriously on power prices, says Grant Robertson, Labour’s Deputy Leader.”

Yup. Kinda figured that out a week ago. The scaremongering is reaching fever-pitch ranting. Someone in the National Cabinet is going to have a coronary very shortly. Or the whole bloody bunch of them.

This is Dead Government Walking.

From  robertguyton, is this interesting piece;  Murray Kerr on MRP – and why he won’t be buying shares in MRP. But the really fascinating bit is the first part of the blogpost. Every New Zealander should read that – they’d be spitting tacks thereafter, and storming the Ninth Floor.

And we come to The Standard, on an appropriate ANZAC theme,

  • A silent war – mental health in the NZDF – by a soldier in our NZDF (name with-held for self-preservation from the more vindictive elements of the National ‘government’), who paints a not-very-pretty picture of what is happening in our services for personnel who require access to mental health service and support from the service.
  • “He Toki Huna New Zealand In Afghanistan” , by  – who writes about  role of New Zealand in Afghanistan. There is commentary from Jon Stephenson and Nicky Hage, so you know this won’t be a BS ‘puff-piece’ from National’s spin-doctors or sycophantic MSM. If we’re going to send people into a war-zone, into harms way, the whole country should see the unvarnished truth about why, how, who, where, etc.

  • A nice little review of  Monbiot on our misplaced faith in “the market”. Monbiot write, in part, “Just as taxation tends to redistribute wealth, regulation tends to redistribute power. A democratic state controls and contains powerful interests on behalf of the powerless. This is why billionaires and corporations hate regulation, and – through their newspapers, thinktanks and astroturf campaigns – mobilise people against it. State power is tyranny, state power is freedom”. Which, when you think about it, is what’s happening right now with the rampaging Right in hysterics against Labour-Green’s NZ Power.



Blog Post of the Day

Chris Trotter  asks on Bowalley RoadLive From Gallipoli, what might have happened had the Gallipoli campaign takenplace now, with 21st century technology and social mores, rather than April 1915? Come to your own conclusions…




Rightwing Blog  of the Day


From Cactus Kate; a seemingly honest observation about the impending, doomed,  sharefloat of Mighty River Power;  MRP A Dead Duck.

“Even if I could buy MRP shares (I cannot as you know….I live overseas) I would not.  The political risk is now entirely stupid.  The Nats lost control of this policy the day I attended their re-launch at Sky City where John Key got up and conceded the policy whereby funds would be spent on schools and “infrastructure” rather than debt…”

Unfortunately, she then  goes a bit silly (too many vodka appletinis, Cacky?) and asks if the Labour-Greens are going to regulate other things like,

“Milk and cheese are out of the price range of many families.  Will they regulate the price of that?  How about vegetables? How about petrol and diesel and fast food?”

Probably not, Kate. But hey, you’re not that ditzy; you knew the answer to that foolish rhetorical question anyway.

Suck it up, Kate. We won. You lost.




  1. To clarify, my blog post Fiddling with census figures for religion in New Zealand ( did not imply that du Fresne misrepresented the situation in any way – just that the figures quoted are easily misunderstood. In fact, read carefully, du Fresne’s comments do not misrepresent the situation,

    I was the one doing the “fiddling” – showing the different ways the figures can be and are misinterpreted. I have no idea of du Fresne’s religious views or agenda.

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