Cross the floor to feed the kids Tau



Fascinating exchange on Native Affairs last night between MANA deputy leader Annette Sykes and Tau Henare. Annette put to Tau the hope that he would cross the floor and give MANAs ‘Feed the Kids’ Policy the one extra vote it needs to have the policy go through for a first reading.

Tau dodged the issue and fell back to ‘that party (MANA) wouldn’t support me for Speaker’, which seems pretty petty to stop a debate on feeding the poorest kids in NZ.

Tau must be eyeing up his legacy with a National Party increasingly striding to the right. He was instrumental in helping seek cross party support for Marriage Equality but crossing the floor to support ‘Feed the Kids’ would give Tau far more legacy than quietly slipping beneath the waves of National Party list candidacy.

Crossing the floor to allow the debate would give Tau a more historical footnote than wannabe Parliamentary Speaker. Tau’s gesture could rebuild his reputation in one justifiable social justice move.



  1. “which seems pretty petty to stop a debate on feeding the poorest kids in NZ”

    “seems pretty petty”, really? You mean “is preposterously petty”, surely.

  2. As petty as reducing the value of hundreds of thousands of kiwisaver accounts just because you didn’t get your way?

    • hahahaha. Impossible for you to actually debate a topic without resorting to “he hit me first”, isn’t it, Andrew.

  3. He’s a greedy fat Tory , he would only cross the floor if someone had dropped 50 cents on it . It’s hard to believe this guy was once on the other side – although I think he has always just been jostling for a good spot to shove his snout into the trough .

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