Better to be ‘far left’ than a rich right wing crypto-fascist clown implementing failed neoliberal dogma


7568_10200839859735270_1831438992_nAll progressive voters need to know about Labour/Green power policy is that a free market acolyte like Liam Dann is terrified and the language by Key has suddenly become a shrill diatribe against the ‘far left’.

Hilarious isn’t it? Labour and the Greens have a hint of reshaping the failed neoliberal agenda Key is wedded to and all of a sudden it’s the dangers of the ‘far left’ taking over NZ...

Prime Minister John Key this morning stepped up his attacks on the potential policies of what he calls a “far-left” Labour-Green government, after two polls at the weekend confirmed the weakening trend in the his own popularity.

…combine these juvenile threats with Steven Joyce’s fear mongering ‘reds under the bed’ under grad language and we have all the hallmarks of the most divisive election ever brewing.

By going off the radar with such a monumental political earthquake like asset sales, National have managed to do what none on the left could do, force Labour away from the neoliberal consensus. The verbal insults National are hurling at Labour as their response to Labour walking away finally threatens to burn the veneer of a depoliticized Prime Minister from the publics popular perception of Key.

Everytime Key yells ‘far left’ all he does is remind the rest of NZ what a rich right wing crypto-fascist clown implementing failed neoliberal dogma sounds like.


  1. I wouldn’t be too ecstatic about any of this, I couldn’t help but notice that this morning while jonkey is out decrying the reds under the bed ‘forcing him to revalue MRP shares meaning skools n hospitals will get less muns’ the gutless wonders in nu labour are hiding under the covers. Whatshisname is nowhere to be seen & Grant Robertson has been sent out to take the flak defend spruik the policy.

    Notwithstanding whatshisnames communications impediment I reckon the idea has him seriously scared. At first he steeled himself because he had to do something to turn around the polls that have been showing peeps are seriously p.o.d at the natz bent deals, but now he’s got a slightly left of center policy to garner the votes, the man himself isn’t keen on tarnishing his image among the greed-headed movers n shakers, so he won’t tout the thing.

    None of that bodes well for those kiwis who believe should whathisname ever grab the PM gig he will fully implement this policy.
    In other words whathisname will prolly do the usual labour thing we witnessed back in the noughties. That is when forced by kiwis to implement actual leftist policies, they do so in such a half assed manner that the policy fails and in the process brings genuine humanism into disrepute.
    For too many kiwi pols NZ parliament is but a stepping stone to ‘real’ wealth and power on one of the multitude of international quangos & NGO’s which only hire dyed-in-the-wool neoliberals. The fact that Whathisname comes from that scene is what prolly sold him to the Nulab careerists in the first place.
    Any bloke who sells his work aiding and abetting the US invasions of Iraq & Afghanistan as some sort of feat of humanitarianism doesn’t have a problem with reinventing reality as the need takes.
    My guess is that if these scumbags win office they will pass a dog of a bill creating NZ Energy & then blame the failure to properly implement their policy on “Green instransigence”.

  2. The beginning of the end for Key. Finally, something that a simple “I’m comfortable with that” cannot deflect.

  3. Last week it was our secret “WMDs”. This week it’s our “far left” Opposition. Get a grip, JK. Or a different scriptwriter.

  4. Re – fearmongering about a “left wing” government – that’s what I predicted just a day or two ago. I didn’t realise they would act in this manner just so soon. The good news is that if they start going on like this, this far out from the election, the whole argument will be well worn out by the time the election rolls around. Irrational fear is a spontaneous reaction and is based on the “unknown”. Once you have hung out with the big bad monster for a while to the point where it’s become a big cuddly familiar entity, it’s hard to fear it any more.

    Closer to hand once it turns out that everyone who has already bought shares in the Mighty River hasn’t decided to get a refund, it will be clear that the Labour/Green plan isn’t going to have the catastrophic effect predicted by the Right.

  5. Liam Dann gets paid to write such meaningless burble?

    The Herald is a bigger crock than I thought it was.

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