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Tim Selwyn launches into a “cry me a river” at National’s panicking over the Labour-Green proposal a single-desk buyer for electricity, to drive down prices. In “Power Play“, Tim makes it clear in Tumeke that  the destruction of capitalism is not imminent – but lower power prices might be.

It appears that National is deliberately torpedoing the Human Rights Commission by cutting it’s funding, reports The Jackal. Jackal  asks if it is  Just a coincidence  that funding is being cut for the Commission after it  criticised the “Sensible Sentencing Trust” for breaking name suppression for a convicted sex offender. It stands to reason; the most subtle way to destroy an organisation is to strangle it through lack of funding.

While National lavishes taxpayer funding on private corporations like Warner Bros and the tourism sector – it has frozen funding for the Human Rights Commission until 2020. What does that tell us?

LudditeJourno gives us an  Update: Girls Don’t Need Heroes on The Hand Mirror – and announces success in pressuring Disney to withdraw clothing bearing  sexist statements. And an interesting piece by Teaching men not to rape is not just about giving women guns.

On the Dim Post, Danyl explains with considerable clarity that Matthew Hooton’s claims about the Greens-Labour destroying Contact Energy’s share value is pretty much BS. See the  Chart of the day, destruction of wealth vs destruction of independent thought edition. So the next time some National/ACT sycophant makes claims of share-value “destruction” – link to Danyl’s post.

And anyhow – since when did share prices have to be subsidised by the taxpayer???

The Right Wing: bringing you your daily dose of BS.

The Left Wing: exposing that sh*t for what it is.


Also on the Dim Post is Danyl’s piece on ‘de facto nationalisation’ and why the new power policy is a Big Deal. Well worth a read. (Especially for  “Farrar, Fran O’Sullivan and, most amusingly, Colin Espiner”.)

The Civilian writes that Bob Parker is  contemplating returning to space if he loses the mayoralty of what’s left of Christchurch and that  Maurice Williamson looking pretty stupid after floods hit New Zealand – the result of a pissed-off  Judeo-Christian god of New Zealand’s farmers. Good read. Good humour. In your face, Family Fist.

Getting The Answers You Want  by Iain Lees-Galloway, on Red Alert, looks at Transmission Gully and PPPs – and finds a few curious questions surrounding the project.  Especially regarding the cost of capital. Guess who is cheaper;  State borrowing or private borrowing by a private company?? (No prizes for guessing correctly. It’s a no-brainer.)

Meanwhile, on Maui Street, Morgan Godfery asks  “Is New Zealand a racist country?”. TV3 will be asking that question on The Vote, this Wednesday. Morgan states with blinding truth that,

“Is X, Y or Z racist? That’s often a subjective question. A white male from the Wellington business community isn’t going to experience racism in the same manner or to the same degree as, say, a brown woman from the LGBT community. Racism is an experience.”

Damn right. Anyone who doesn’t get that is naive in the extreme.  I am now taking bets that most of the White Audience will vote that Aotearoa is not a racist country.  And yet, they won’t like referencing this country in Tangata Whenua terms; preferring the colonialist “New Zealand”, rather than Aotearoa.

Ideologically Impure’s QoT gives us more  Random recommended reading.

Followed by a startling report that Bigot Bob McCroskie from Family Fist, our very own white-hetero-patriarchal support group, has lifted  Coley Tangerina’s  post on polyamory from The Daily Blog. QoT calls a spade a spade – or in this case, a content thief – with his minimal attribution.

Bigot Bob attributes Coley’s article thusly,

The Daily Blog 2 April 2013 –

Features writers such as

Chris Trotter,

David Slack Efeso Collins,

John Minto, Keith Locke,

Sue Bradford and more

Bad form, Bigot Bob.

Anyway, Family Fist is now consigned to the toilet  of history. *flushes*

Have a read of Josie Pagani’s  What is the alternative to Labour’s energy policy?on The Pundit. Brilliant reposte to the likes of Joyce and Colin Espiner. (By the way, when did Espiner start working for the National Party’s Politburo press committee?? Did I miss that announcement?)

I won’t say another word: read and smile. Josie nails those right wing wallies right where it hurts.

Good stuff on the Standard – most of it to do with Labour-Green’s NZ Power policy, and the suspension of Mighty River Power sell-off.

This is history we are watching here, peeps. Immerse yourself in it. Remember every nuance of it.

‘Cos you’re be telling future generations all about it…

  • Whose interests are the Nats working for? asks 

  • In  Power profits and the consumer by
  • Scott from Imperator Fish has had this re-posted on TS;  ImperatorFish: Joyce catches Labour leader buying coffee – funny as!
  • And Karol is on the ball here with this,  MRP share offer suspended til tomorrow. Never before in all my years have I ever recalled an Opposition having such power over the government of the day.  Labour and The Greens have effectively made John Key an Opposition  leader. To put it quaintly; this government is f—-d. Expect an early election.





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Everyone should have choice, demand the Neo Liberals Loons.


I concur.

I choose cheaper power through Labour-Green’s proposed NZ Power scheme.

Right wingers who oppose Statist intervention can pay the full rack-rate for electricity  to a powerco of their choice.

Everyone is happy.