Other things the National Party and Big Business consider ‘Communist’


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After Key claimed WMDs were the reason the GCSB had to spy on citizens, I’d thought the hysteria from the right in NZ had found some new neurotic benchmark since the Union bashing manufactured crisis at the Hobbit.

I was wrong.

The Labour/Green idea to regulate the economy properly with a single purchase electricity agent has been met by screams from National that are Russian-Battleships-sitting-off-Rangitoto levels of paranoia which are about as out of touch as Tea Party fanatics labeling Obama’s watered down health care as ‘Socialism’.

I’m waiting for Steven Joyce to send out a press release accusing the latest TVNZ polls of being run by an ultra secret Communist sect of Marxist’s who only date Trotskyites.

The shrill nails on blackboards wailing from big business and National that the great red revolution is crashing against the gates of kind gentle wealthy volk like them, (who have only ever had our best interests at heart while they price gouged us), gives me a sense that far tracts of the rich right in New Zealand would consider the following as ‘Communist’…

-The stop sign on traffic lights. Because it’s red.
-All public school teachers.
-Public toilets.
-Public parks.
-Public parking.
-Public transport.
-Pubic hair because the word pubic looks like public.

…I don’t give a damn about the interests of over inflated profit margins for the elites. For the 270 000 kids in poverty, that $300 saving per year is the difference between having heating in winter and not having it.

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  1. Yes, basically they are telling New Zealanders that they have to pay more money for electricity for the good of New Zealand. The rich are doing their bit by buying shares in the power companies so that they can get a healthy dividend from them.

    In reality what they are doing is encouraging anyone who wants to buy shares to vote for National, channelling people’s self interest into votes. It’s a question of numbers, those who aren’t going to buy shares and would like cheaper power versus those who going to buy shares and for whom every dollar doesn’t count towards their survival

    • And luckily less than 10% will be buying shares. About 10% preregistered, conversion rates for similar projects in Aus have been as low as 18% (if I remember correctly), and there is a genuine chance that they will be at that lower end here with the Tiwai point and NZPower risks. Best week in opposition ever!

  2. There’s a rich right beer baron who hates Public Libraries.

    Sir Dougie tried to make them user-pays. Good thing that he pissed off to Sydney (after he shafted his shareholders).

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