What the latest Political Poll really means (why MANA is the Greens best friend)


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The latest Roy Morgan Poll makes for interesting reading.

If you take into account the telephone land line bias that is missing the young and the poor, the real margin between the left and right could have Labour and Greens far more in lead than this Poll is suggesting.

If NZers want a real left wing alternative Government the level of a Green/Labour block is vital. If NZ First are needed for the majority they will do all they can to stop any real progressive legislation getting through, just as they always have.

MANA have a real chance of winning Waiariki and would need 2.1% to get John Minto off the list as a 3rd candidate. If MANA have that block and are the difference between needing NZ First and not needing NZ First, the Greens should grasp the MANA option because Winston will never allow them the legislative freedom to force changes this country needs.

Expect a panicked National Party to start violently ratcheting up the rhetoric. What is at stake now is the neoliberal consensus and those who have benefited so richly from free market dogma over the last 3 decades will not willingly allow that consensus to be rewritten.

2014 could be the most important election for progressive politics we’ve ever faced. A Labour/Green/MANA Government could force a paradigm shift that would reset this Nation.

Those 800 000 enrolled voters who didn’t have a reason to vote, suddenly now do.

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  1. Labour’s 2011 election focus on not selling state assets may not have resonated with those 800,00 non-voters. For them, it was a middle class concern.

    But offer them the prospect of cheaper electricity and everyone can understand that concept. Who doesn’t want cheaper power? (National/ACT supporters will be encouraged to pay the difference between “market” rates and the discounted rate directly to a powerco of their choice.)

  2. Labour has finally got some Mana! Will Labour reinstate a quality NZ Broadcasting channel which informs, educates and entertains. What we have now is utter rubbish. Thanks to the Natz the money went to private TV Production Companies and not to a commercial free, quality channel, like Australia presently enjoys. Just another example of corporate takeover of public assets in New Zealand. Labour has to commit to fixing this properly this time, or else we are stuffed.

    • Under Helen Clark broadcasting was mostly utter rubbish, interspersed with neuro-linguistic programming.

      And don’t forget it was ‘Labour’ that commenced the ‘stuffing’ process back in the 80s.

      If you are looking to any of the bought-and-paid-for liars in parliament to do anything useful you are going to be constantly disappointed.

      Don’t watch television.

      Don’t vote.

      You could try becoming a human being in touch with the planet you live on. Much healthier.

      • afewknowthetruth

        abstaining from voting? focus on individuals ‘getting in touch with the planet’? don’t watch television? I smell weak liberalism charading as something radical

  3. precise article Martyn (sharper than The Nation analysis, although Rachel is pretty on to it, most days, and looks fetching in ghostly rogue colours).

  4. The problem with Mana is that they are too much like the Maori Party, they have the same sort of systems in place as Māori Party, almost like a default setting – ‘we’ll break away but we’ll do what Māori did because that’s what we know.’

    For example, where has Mana been on power prices? My suspicion is that Mana is too middle class and not really worried about power prices and therefore not saying words like price gouging like Labour now is. It’s cheap talk for Mana to now share links on this issue, but where was the Mana solution to power bills?

    My solution is to vote Greens as at least they articulate these issues and present them well.

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