If only we cared about feeding the kids as much as we cared about Marriage Equality


Yesterday MANA fed over 2000 kids at the Otara recreation centre as part of the lead up to their ‘Feed the Kids’ Bill due to be discussed in Parliament.

To my shock and surprise NOT ONE WORD from the mainstream media other than a story in the Manukau Courier.

If only we could care about feeding our poorest children as much as we care about marriage equality, then we would gain some real egalitarianism in New Zealand.

The utter silence by the mainstream media is a terrible shame, and a real indictment. What other political Party has managed to gather 2000 kids in one place for an event like this?

Here are some images the msm will be ignoring…




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  1. That’s because feeding children doesn’t touch the “irrational emotionality” button that many people have inside them. Examples of things that do touch the irrational emotionality button are equal rights for gays, cricketers getting bashed, bombings (only in the US or Britain), party pills, teenage sex, cyclists, public sculptures, liberals, anyone on the DPB, unions, emperor penguins in New Zealand, and so on

  2. The msm do not enjoy exposing our unequal NZ society (unless the slipper can be put into the poor and bennies while they are at it), and would not touch Mana with a 40 foot pole if there was any chance of a feel good aspect emerging like in the above pics.

    Torys can be gay, a bit green or a woman or all three, but certainly never hungry. (By Tory I mean people in the upper socio economic level, not the aspirational working poor and middle class mugs that vote for national too.)

  3. To my shock and surprise NOT ONE WORD from the mainstream media other than a story in the Manukau Courier.

    I’m not surprised at all – highlighting that capitalism is failing isn’t the MSM’s job. Their job is, apparently, telling us that celebrity is getting married, another celebrity is getting divorced and that the markets are doing well (whether they are or not).

  4. I am absolutely horrified that NONE of this was in the mainstream media, this is such a feat to have pulled off.

  5. The people there, the kids who ate, and their friends and relatives will know.
    Or are you waiting for the MSM to arrange a revolution for us?
    The revolution will not be televised.

  6. All power to the rainbow community, but I wish other issues had got even a quarter the media coverage given to gay marriage. Child poverty and inequality, also climate change.

  7. Let me play the race card. The MSM ignore this because it’s mainly brown kids and as far as they are concerned white-trash – so why bother. To them White (rich) NZ is the only group to worry about. It’s like coverage of disabled and disabled issues – unless there is a bootstrap angle or unfortunate death they won’t air it.

    Great photos people and an awesome job done by all involved. Actions speak louder than the MSM.

  8. Yes, it is an indictment. I have long given up on the mainstream media, particularly the utterly hopeless and even very biased versions here in New Zealand.

    They focus on crime stories, weather, they like to express concern about pictures of Kate Middleton’s “baby bump” being circulated, about other famous people having crisis and what else, they really have written off the poor as not worth reporting on.

    Did anybody hear or read anything being reported and discussed in “the media” when the recent, draconian and extremely harsh “welfare reforms” were before Parliament, when Paula Bennett used all kinds of bizarre justifications to bring in a regime that will do nothing to help poor, unemployed, sole parents, sick and disabled into jobs, which do not even exist for the fit and healthy?

    No, they did not bother to report anything at all. And once the bill was passed throught the last reading, ready to be signed by the Governor General, then they suddenly report on “beneficiaries” again, but only about alleged “fraud” cases.

    So much for the damned journalists, their biased, domineering editors, and the shareholders just after returns for more and more advertising. They do not care. The only exemption was John Campbell, who though also used the “feed the kids” stories to improve his own ratings and profile.

    Perhaps some thought, this is just a Mana Party” stunt, to get attention, so they did intentionally ignore it. Whatever, we have no true “4th estate”, except for some social media.

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