John ‘Dubya’ Key’s No. 8 wire Weapons of Mass Distraction

WMD: The world's largest weapon of mass destruction was the Tsar Bomb at 57 Megatons.


Can anyone honestly believe the horse shit John Key is feeding us?

We need to allow the GCSB to spy on NZers because ‘someone’ tried to hack NZ for WMD technology???

So what NZ WMD was this? The dreaded poison sheep dip, the horrifying nuclear kiwifruit or the terrible stealth gumboot?

After appointing his childhood school chum to be the Director overlooking the Dotcom fiasco, Key had no credibility, but now he’s evoked WMDs as the justification to make illegal spying legal, he is in danger of never regaining it.

Let’s remind ourselves of the legislation that apparently has confounded and confused our top spy agency so much shall we?

This is s.14 of the GCSB Act…

14. Interceptions not to target domestic communications
Neither the Director, nor an employee of the Bureau, nor a person acting on behalf of the Bureau may authorise or take any action for the purpose of intercepting the communications of a person (not being a foreign organisation or a foreign person)who is a New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident.

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…it can not be any ore crystal clear than that. That is the spirit of the law, that is the intention of the law. The Bore Babylon, David Farrar is spinnig hard for the Government trying to cook up all sorts of sauces and herbs to flavour this as just some great big misunderstanding between agencies.


The reason Key is panicking and trying to spook the country is because the Government must justify spying on 88 NZers or else face increasing pressure to release the names and the very second the people are identified they will sue the Government for damages just as Kim Dotcom will.

If Kim Dotcom deserved an apology, why doesn’t all the other NZers who have been illegally spied on deserve an apology? By manufacturing Weapons of Mass Destruction as the justification, Key hopes to sweep the entire event through Parliament and most likely attempt to make the changes retrospective while allowing the GCSB to spy on NZers in the future.

Sadly the gutless and spineless NZ Labour Party will fold and give Key the votes he so desperately craves.

For those on the right crowing that this is a nothing beltway story that no one cares about – you are wrong! This cuts to the very heart of power and politics, to try and gloss over it is part of the problem, not the solution.

Key is the wolf that cried sarin gas.


  1. I agree 100 percent with you and I USE TO BE a national supporter. This has to show complete arrogance by Key because he is trying to create fear to manipulate his agenda which is to cover up his involvement with the GCSB and Kim
    Key is trying to beat the train at the crossing because is suing the GCSB and police for illegal wiretapping. Hopefully Key’s involvement will be brought up and the emporer will be seen as not having any clothes. Key could have been more original than using the WMD card but then again, he’s not too imaginative with his ecnomic policies either.. What a complete drone.

  2. He, I like your pronounced use of the herbs and sauces metaphor.
    Absoloutely, I should have a more informed view of this and not gloss over it in my morning reads as more vapid rhetoric from the team that bought us the paper boy tax. But your absoloutely right, it is an abhorrent miscarriage of the democratic process, that an excuse as unoriginal as WMD, seriously, WMD’S! could be used in this day and age to justify such a malfeasant and reckless use of legilsative powers. I think I spelt malfeasant wrong, I geuss its easier to spell WMD. Go Dot.Com show them what its like when they mess with the wrong big boy, these ridiculous blouse politics masquerading as real leadership are as little and embarassing a fiasco as the paper boy tax. More original thought. More independent thought. More strong leaders. Fuck this schoolboy rubbish.

  3. More distraction from JK to avoid the issue that he was going to face when he arrived home.

    His general management and chronological detail has been atrocious when it comes to GCSB.

    Now he has everyone discussing something else. WMD rubbish to scare his followers into fear mode. They’ll accept anything then.

    I’m getting very tired of his slick bullsh*t manner.

    Watching those dead eyes and that mouth at work really makes me want to puke.

    • Aaahaa….”worst spin ever” actually dovetails nicely into what I think has happened and that is they intercepted some emails when Haier were in the process of taking over Fisher & Paykel and intelligence agencies have got themselves confused between weapons of mass destruction and washing machines and driers.

  4. This has gone so far that it’s not about Key any more. It’s about us as a people. Will we accept the most obvious of lies, from someone who wishes he’d been born in the USA? Me, I just wish he’d never been born at all.
    In my life, the only things I can remember that were this significant were the racist rugby tours, nuclear weapons in the South Pacific, and the imposition of Hayek/Friedman economics. On two of those, we did the right thing as a people. A majority of us saw the dangers and stopped the rot.
    Are we up to the challenge on this one? Or do we say goodbye to the rule of law forever?

  5. The reason Key is panicking and trying to spook the country is because the Government must justify spying on 88 NZers or else face increasing pressure to release the names and the very second the people are identified they will sue the Government for damages just as Kim Dotcom will.

    Absolutely correct, that sentence sums up the whole issue very well. Also, extending the reach of such a spy apparatus is always desirable for any authoritarian enthusiasts.

    With Key responsible for an ever growing number of gaffes, unless you’re an ardent supporter, his credibility must surely be wearing out. He reminds me of G.W. Bush. When a leader’s credibility is tarnished with so many blunders on their part, one is inclined to see them as a puppet.

    The only case that I can think of where there was interest in New Zealand made weapons delivery technology was the 2003 case of Bruce Simpson and his X-Jet pulsejet technology which attracted interest from an Iranian company to invest in further development of the technology. There were also offers from Pakistan, China and Lebanon. However Simpson contacted the SIS regarding the matter. Bruce Simpson created a US$5,000 DIY cruise missile. Further information:

    “The terrible stealth gumboot” a Taihape WMD delivery system? Terrible because of its smell after trials on the farm proving grounds? Traces of animal feces – possible biological weapon agents?

  6. I just can’t wait for John Key to chart channelling his inner Colin Powell and show us some slides of satellite photos of Fonterra milk trucks that might be capable of housing WMDs.

  7. John Key has honoured his first election pledge of Obama-like change by pursuing extended Bush era change. WMDs now? Really. While George W Bush had his dopey, moronic, Texan “charm”. John “Dubya” Key has all the charm of a slimy b*****d.

  8. I hope the 88 individuals are all locked up as potential terrorists. I am aware, as is the SIS, Police and GCSB that we do in fact have a lot of radical people in NZ who harbour thoughts of world domination and utilitarian control and who are stockpiling extremely large quantities of bomb making equipment. We need law changes that allow these people to be imprisoned indefinatly until they are no longer a threat to our democracy.
    They have stored their bomb making chemicals in every corner of the country and belong to nefarious pseudo political groups like the National party and Federated Farmers.
    As for their stockpiles of fertiliser and diesel fuel which we know can be used to make bombs, I am sure they have a good cover story for having stockpiles of them on every farm in NZ but in this day and age of “Blues under the beds” I think we need to lock them up anyway.

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