Breaking News: Boston hit by bombings – hug a Muslim friend today



Terrible news that the explosions at the Boston Marathon were caused by bombs.

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The Boston Marathon says that bombs caused the two explosions heard at the finish line and that organisers were working with authorities to determine what happened.

Organisers made the announcement on the group’s Facebook page.

And this from AP

BREAKING: Intelligence official: 2 more explosive devices found at Boston Marathon; being dismantled

We have heard that TDB contributor Laila Harre is safe, she had just finished the race when the explosions occurred.

I’ve never wanted an explosion to be a gas explosion so much in my life, but someone, for whatever reason has decided to target Boston and the paranoia and anger of a hurt America is a terrible thing to behold.

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Let’s remind ourselves that this type of terror occurs on the streets of Iraq, Afghanistan and dozens of other places every week.

Hug a Muslim friend today, things may get ugly again.


  1. Why are you mentioning Muslims at all? Has there been mention that this is the result of an attack by them?

    • If you think about it George, its only natural that the public will be looking for somebody to blame. Some in the media are already calling it a “terrorist” attack. For many in the USA, this equates with “Muslim”. Which also, for many, means “Arab”. So it follows that these people will be the target of much hate talk and prejudice.
      I have no idea who is behind it, but I would not be at all surprised if it was the work of some disaffected Americans, in the style of Timothy McVeigh.

    • Horrible. But people in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iraq etc have been trying for years to get the world to understand the dread & horror of living in towns where suddenly out of the blue this happens, anytime, anywhere, when a missile from an unseen US reaper drone aimed at a US target does the same thing. It looks like a message to the US to me.

    • Technically he is responsible for ensuring the safety of the US from attack so in a way it IS his fault.

      • What absolute garbage. There is no way Obama can guarantee the safety of every American, and that is in fact NOT his responsibility. You said “the US from attack”, and it should be noted that this is not necessarily an attack on “the US” at all but an attack on a handful of spectators at a marathon – just like the massacre at Sandy Hook can also NOT be described as an attack on “the US”. He can’t any more stop a shooting, reckless driving, stabbing, or planting a home made bomb than you or I could.
        Obama’s primary responsibility should be upholding the Constitution (which he is doing a terrible job at BTW, but that is another issue entirely).

        • That’s why I think the whole idea of combatting terrorism/attacks is so futile. Regardless of the most stringent means to prevent any attacks, how can many possibly uncover the plot of a disturbed, meticulous, reclusive “lone wolf” attacker? Terrorism plans by an organisation may be easier to uncover because of the communications traffic. No one can say an attack mounted by a “lone wolf” is nowhere as damaging as that of a terrorist organisation. The most Orwellian surveillance will never end terrorism/attacks. It’s an effective way of depriving people of their liberties and throwing out the Bill of Rights though, for another level of terrorism.

      • Actually your comment is actually a TOTAL brain fart. You would SERIOUSLY suggest that if Russia (for e.g.) launched a nuclear missile at the US, and it destroyed New York (i.e. a LITERAL attack on the US), that this would somehow be Obama’s fault because his mandate is “ensuring the safety of the US”? Are you a professional troll?

        • As I stated, in a way it would be his fault. The very fact that a naction felt emboldened enough to launch an attack would be the failure. The whole concept of deterrence is that the other side is too afraid of the consequences to risk doing something aggressive. If they aren’t your nation’s deterrence policy has failed.

      • There probably are those out there that would strongly agree with this statement, some because they are still stuck in an obsolete age of thought where they strongly believe that someone of his heritage can only be a servant and a scapegoat.

  2. Let’s hope that before the middle eastern blaming game starts, before the drills start to spin for their oil again, that they investigate thoroughly, as there are many cases of domestic terrorism of late.

    • I haven’t seen anything yet on the msm that has made a direct link to the middle east. Have you?

  3. Thank Goodness that Laila was one of the people that was unhurt. Condolences to the families and friends of those who have lost their lives and a speedy recovery to those with injuries.

    Now just brace yourselves for the Team America %$#& Yeah! response and the sound of the war machine beginning to crank itself up another notch.

  4. Somehow they will manage to link the bombings to North Korea and Iran in order to justify the upcoming wars against those countries.

    • I was thinking along those lines as well, I wouldn’t be surprised if that case would occur.

      From CBS News:

      CBS News senior correspondent John Miller reports that a Saudi national is being questioned by authorities. He was seen “acting suspiciously” running from the explosion, and a civilian chased him down and tackled him. He was turned over to Boston police and is being questioned by the FBI. He is being cooperative and denies any involvement.

  5. On the same day:

    Boston Marathon blasts: Two dead, 105 injured
    Iraq: coordinated car bombs kill at least 55

    Just an ordinary day in Iraq.

  6. I reckon it was done by someone who hates joggers. Maybe a smoker sick of the fascist anti-smoking health lobby?

  7. No chance it was just a fatty retaliating against all those hate programmes like “The Biggest Loser” aimed at the non running overweight?

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