“There’s no mana in signing a free trade deal with China when you have 250 000 children in Poverty.” Hone Harawira @ Feed the Kids Symposium



It’s a crying shame that the msm didn’t turn up to this feed the kids symposium, the passion and the arguments and the presentations on child poverty are some of the best I have ever witnessed.

Alan Johnson from Child Poverty Action Group, Shane Ngatai, Moko Morris and Hone Harawira all spoke and it was fierce.

Alan argued how child poverty stats was a crack in the neoliberal hegemony and that was why the issue was being so assiduously ignored. ‘It takes a nation to raise a child’ he declared to massive applause from the symposium. Alan pointed out that the feed the kids programme must be universal so that our children can feel genuinely valued by all of society.

Shane Ngatai was inspirational as he explained how his food in schools program (soon to appear on Global Radar) was a real way to achieve the self-sufficiency that can lead those in need out of poverty without leaving anyone behind. “If we can do it for one, we can do it for everyone” he stated. The empowerment of growing food at their own schools creates the momentum for the community to get involved while handing the initiative to the children themselves.

Hone Harawira brought the house down with his damning speech on the inactivity of the Government and why he was so passionate about feeding the poorest children in NZ.

“There’s no Mana in signing a free trade deal with China when you have 250 000 children in Poverty.” He stated and his analysis of Key in China should be a stand up comedy routine.

He was like a brown Bill Hicks.

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He reiterated that the Feed the Kids Bill has a real chance of getting to a first reading and that now was the time for every NZer who wanted to do something real about child poverty was now.

Sad that message and the racist preconceptions so many middle class NZers hold against Hone won’t be challenged by seeing this performance on the news.

More blogging from Tokoroa as the symposium continues.


  1. Actually, there’s no mana in signing a FTA at all:

    Abstract: Consider models of international trade in which capital goods are produced, not given as an unproduced endowment. A positive interest rate, in such a model, acts as a price distortion. Consequently, the gains of trade for a single country, when comparing stationary states with and without trade, can be negative. Previous authors have drawn this result in models with production depicted as a circular process, even though their point does not depend on this modeling choice. The principle contributions of this paper are to provide a demonstration of the possibility of such a loss from trade in a simplified model with “a one-way avenue … lead[ing] from ‘Factors of production’ to ‘Consumption goods’” and to illustrate the model with a concrete numerical example.
    The theory of comparative advantage is not sufficient to justify the advocacy of free trade in consumer goods, even under textbook assumptions.

    Free trade – it’s bad for the nation. Seems to be good for a few people though.

  2. Ya ain’t seen nuthin yet!

    Just wait till Peak Oil, Abrupt Climate Change and meltdown of the fiat currency system really start to bite……. almost certainly around 2015/6.

    From the global elites policy handbook:

    “Push the poor and the defenceless off the cliff first. They are unlikely to offer resistance.”

    “Privatise welfare so that corporations can profit from misery.”

    “Privatise prisons so that corporations can profit from petty crime.”

    “Socialise bank losses so that incompetence and inherent flaws in the system are covered by taxpayers.”

    “Shift all loot to untraceable tax-havens as quickly as possible.”

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