Documentary Edge Festival Review: Scarlet Road (4 stars)



Guest blog by Morgan Fee.

Scarlet Road follows Rachel Wotton: a sex worker who specialises in clients with severe disabilities, some with little or no mobility at all. The film gives precedence to the sexuality these people – a fundamental aspect of human existence but one which is often ignored when it comes to those with disability.

This documentary is incredibly heart-warming and intimate, and the viewer cannot help but share in Rachel’s passion for her clients. The film undermines stereotypes of two marginalised groups: people with disability but also sex workers themselves.

Rachel is someone who runs up against the traditional assumptions of who a sex worker should be. She is independent, articulate, and passionate about rights for sex workers and access to sexual expression for people with disability.

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Rachel and her friends, who are also interviewed in the film, give recognition to the needs of those with disability that are so often overlooked. For many of Rachel’s clients, their condition is such that they have never been able to engage in sexual activity before meeting with a sex worker. The documentary is an incredibly touching depiction of a set of people who are able to find some solace in the work of a group which is often met with so much public disapproval.

4 stars

Friday 12th April 11.45
Wednesday 17th April 8.30