Another example of Whaleoil lying to spin his right wing hate fantasies



Recently Cameron Slater was singing the praises of the NMSA (New Mob Same Arsehole) Corporate News media police that the Law Commission are trying to foist upon the NZ Blogosphere. Slater craves legitimacy more than the thought of socialist blood splashing the streets. The Corporate news values being driven will at least challenge accuracy of those members signing up, and in this I pray to the little baby Jesus that Slater caves into his need for legitimacy and signs up so that the insane bullshit he manages to get away with daily are addressed and those aggrived by his slime can force the bugger to retract.

Take this example from yesterday, Slater is insinuating that Eileen Joy is a teacher who will bring her classroom kids to a protest that she has no idea what the are protesting about.

It’s part of Slaters hate mongering sewer dredging meme generation that Teachers protest for no reason and manipulate their classroom pupils into going along with the protest action.

Really? Eileen Joy has been in contact with me, SHE IS NOT A TEACHER! She is a concerned citizen who wanted to show solidarity with Teachers but was asking what the specifics of the protest were. The children she refers to are not her classroom students, THEY ARE HER CHILDREN!

Note how Slater’s entire construction of Teacher hate falls flat on its face because

a) Eileen Joy isn’t a bloody teacher


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b) She’s bringing her own bloody children!!!!

Brothers and sisters, let us pray. Please little baby Jesus, let Slater’s craven desire to be legitimized force his hand to join the NMSA so we can all joyfully join in and crucify his arsehole lies with complaint after complaint after complaint after complaint.


Reading Whaleoil is as harmful to your mental health as smoking tobacco blended with meth.


  1. So glad I’ve ‘liked’ your facbook page and now read your posts and blogs – I gave up writing on his blog last year after getting nothing but personal attacks from some of his regulars – I went there hoping to see reasoned debate – and some of it was. But a lot ended up like a written version of FoxNews. Became very wearing, and ultimately pointless contributing on that forum.

    • It’s hard to get reasoned debate from rabid dogs, and even worse when most of them seem to suffer from serious brain damage. I’ve never written anything there, although I have a look now and then to reinvigorate my fighting spirit.

  2. Slater will be knee deep in defamation if he registers with the NMSA.

    Fairness, accuracy and truth are foreign concepts to this hate-monger.

    Does he not realise that by registering with the NMSA he’ll be officially recognised as the least competent blogger in the country?

      • Your definition of popularity is broad enough to include bot traffic.

        His Alexa rank can be faked, the page views are easily faked, and frankly a more common sense approach to blog rank is to look at the amount of comments. Compare his blog to TS and ask who is really winning? Another common sense approach to confirming popularity is the over all “feel” of the blog. Where would most people rather spend time? WO is just not a quality experience. His biggest contribution has been to out sex offenders. Good on him for that.

        Also, check out ahrefs (not easy to fake) and you will see that WO is not the most popular, unless as I say you include bots.

        • K says:

          Yes, I was thinking the same. I have been wondering for a long time how WO could be so “popular”, given so much that he writes and rants about is utter dumb, one sided, right wing crap, of no value, let alone truthfulness.

          And yes, the comments to the so many “topics” are meagre, in some cases non existant.

          Also do I believe he is not honest with reporting on clicks and page views, as such statistics can be faked.

          I would think that Kiwiblog is probably more honest in that respect, but Farrar’s threads are anything but balanced, objective or uplifting as well.

          The Standard and the Daily Blog are my preference.

      • Gosman set up a blogsite that shows cutes photos of cats and proverbs and you too could be the lead blogger in Aotearoa.

        • A display of adulation for Whaleoil from a loyal reader?

          If that blog really is so popular, it’s a sad reflection of society. I only read that blog on a few occasions, I found it to be so utterly offensive on so many levels it’s disgusting. There must be some very sad characters gathered around it.

  3. I’m not so sure NMSA would cause any real problems at all for the greasy one. I remember when the Police Complaints Authority was formed. We naively thought they might hold some violent and dishonest Police to account. They didn’t.

    • It’ll be a real shame if the NMSA lacks teeth. However, if it’s in any way similar to the BSA, complaints against the type of ill-reasearched slander he produced yesterday would definitely be upheld.

      He hasn’t had the spine to apologise for what he wrote yesterday. He completely lacks integrity, or any sense of accountability, and has simply responded to criticism of yesterday’s post with more petty insults aimed at the woman he so carelessly slandered.

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