Citizen A GCSB Special with Keith Locke & Selwyn Manning


Citizen A GCSB Special: Joining host Martyn Bradbury this week Keith Locke & Selwyn Manning.

Issue 1: We now know that 88 NZers were illegally spied upon by the GCSB – why did they try to cover this up and does the PM appointing his childhood school chum as Director start looking less and less savory?

Issue 2: Why shouldn’t the GCSB be able to spy on NZ citizens on behalf of the Secret Intelligence Service and the NZ Police?

Issue 3: Who is going to be held accountable for this?

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  1. I haven’t bothered to watch this video – normally I enjoy them – but this latest obsession over the GCSB and in particular the lefts total obsession with John Key points to an underlying paucity of ideas.
    The Labour Party is all but invisible (waiting silently for National to lose popularity), the left wing blogs and commentators seem to only have one topic to write about and that is John Key.
    The left has become a rabbit frozen in the headlights of John Keys undiminished popularity unable to break free and come up with any big ideas of it’s own.
    As a left supporter this is beginning to really piss me off.
    What are the political and economic difference and changes that need to be made? What vision does the left have to improve the lot of ordinary working Kiwis? Which of National’s many policies would be reversed or changed?
    If the left spent some time thinking and writing about these types of things instead of obsessing over some minor transgression John Key made 5 years ago they might get some political traction.

    • people are still busy getting their heads around the scale of what has been happening. reaction will come second.

      thank GOD there is a journalistic outlet in New Zealand ACTUALLY DOING JOURNALISM. not advertising. journalism. INVESTIGATIVE journalism.

      thank god thank god thank god thank god. this is the best thing to ever happen to NZ journalism with the exception of 🙂

      truly. congratulations.

      • I think you’re missing the point. Lets put a face on this so called spying. Having had someone say to me “I’ve got my eye on you every minute of the day!” and I don’t think it was because he faniced me! did get me thinking about what that could mean. Does that mean he can see into my bedroom? does that mean my phone is bugged, my calls monitored, I am followed wherever I go, my car tracked? is my money syphoned out of my account – because they can Are my computers hacked? Is that what ‘eye on you every minute of the day mean?

        And if people think they can do what they like – how far will they go? what does spying actually entail? Is it the 007 type spying licence to kill? Or does the license to kill mean a slow ingestion of a something so that the hapless victim dies of heart attack, stroke etc seemly an everyday happening -but not really. OR does it mean they can pay people to marry/live with identified ‘possible terrorists’ to spy? Does it mean they can send subliminal messages to your TV so people can control what you do and say? JK ” Yeah what about your bank statements” Does it mean they can pay others to contribute to their ‘spying’ antics. Does it mean your family is systematically destroyed to punish you – because they can. Just like a village was ravaged in the Urewera raids. What does it mean? An if you have unfettered powers because you won’t be caught because who is there to catch you? – does it mean you can get away with murder?

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