Did the GCSB spy on MANA members?


1984 Was Not an Instruction ManualHas the GCSB become a political tool for political surveillance? Who are the 88 NZers who have been spied on and are any of them political activists?

We know the SIS have spied on Keith Locke since he was a child for crying out loud and the so called terrorist case in the Ureweras that really cost over $14million showed little actual terrorism and managed to only catch the foolish playing soldier.

I have been critical of the Government and I helped argue for the creation of MANA – has the GCSB spied on me?

Am I threat to national security?

Since when was the desire to ‘feed the kids’ a threat to democracy?

The Government must inform those NZers they have illegally spied upon and there can be no acceptance

Why do the Police and the SIS need the GCSB military grade spy base to spy on its own citizens when the Key Government handed over so much surveillance power to them last year? The NZ Police can now break into your home and plant spy cameras for 3 day fishing expeditions with the barest of judicial oversights, how much extra powers above that do they bloody need?

The NZ Public have been conned into agreeing with these new powers because they have been sold as being used against ‘organized crime’. What most don’t understand is that the Police and SIS can trigger these powers by 3 people simply knowing each other.

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The panel show I host, Citizen A is 3 people – under the powers we’ve granted the Police, that’s ‘organized crime’.

We have been blind to the Orwellian Agencies our leaders have quietly built and when they get caught illegally using their powers, our political leaders merely pass legislation to legalize that illegality.

The audacity is breathtaking and dangerous to the flimsy tissue thin pretense of democracy we cloth ourselves in.

This week we have all become Kim Dotcoms.


  1. I have absolutely no doubt that “threats to security” such as Harawira and Annette Sykes are being spied on by John Key’s spooks.

  2. The panel show I host, Citizen A is 3 people – under the powers we’ve granted the Police, that’s ‘organized crime’.

    You mean “they’ve”. Because I’ve done no such thing. The Government often forget they exist only by the CONSENT of the governed. When that consent is taken for granted and falters, they will be thrown out one way or another. Democracy was SUPPOSED to make revolutions unnecessary, but when all the major political parties screw over the voter or the voters screw themselves by mandating the impossible (e.g. unlimited healthcare for all but with a refusal to pay the appropriate taxes for it), revolution is inevitable.

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