So the GCSB has illegally spied on 85 NZers since 2003 – Key & Clark have questions to answer


1984 Was Not an Instruction Manual

So after the Prime Minister’s childhood school chum Ian Fletcher told NZ that Kim Dotcom was the only NZer illegally spied upon, it turns out that the GCS bloody B has actually illegally spied on 85 NZers since 2003 for the SIS.

Perhaps I am expecting too much from a Spy Chief who was shoulder tapped by his mate and who helped put together the false case for Britain to go to war with Iraq, but when he told us that the GCSB had not illegally spied on any other NZer than Kim Dotcom, shouldn’t he have told the truth?

Why is our spy agency illegally spying on NZers? Why didn’t Helen Clark and John Key demand answers? Did the spy agency lie to our Prime Ministers? Who are these NZers who have been spied upon illegally? What has happened to the information gleaned from that illegal spying? Will those 85 be contacted and offered compensation and an assurance that information will be destroyed?

Who the bloody hell is accountable for this?

The GCSB has VERY clear legislation that says they can’t spy on NZers, yet they have done it 85 times!

I will not accept Key simply attacking the media for asking these questions.

Is the appointment of the PMs mate completely inappropriate now we know the agency is out of control?

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  1. With the Dotcom case, another question: who are they spying for?

    I like this one from the Stuff story:
    Key is in China and could not be contacted for comment this morning.

    That’s why he’s in China – dodging the heat. This entire scandal just keeps on stinking, when will it reach the point the stink is so bad the rot must be removed?

  2. Spying is the world’s second oldest profession – after accountants

    There’s a very entertaining show on Channel 4 on Friday nights called Covert Affairs that glamourises spying

  3. ‘ Who the bloody hell is accountable for this? ‘
    Well , no one will ever really know . And besides , if some one person was accountable , do you really think any one of us 4 mil people would ever get to know who it is ? Honestly , we need to move up a gear and see things for what they are . We’re no longer feared , as if we ever were for Gods sake . . We Kiwis are kind of like pets to them . Likable until we piss on the carpet . There are those out there , those whom are all too familiar with Jonky-stien and his dalliances with the money of others , his allegiances to those whom gave him his big chances and his insufferable faux affability that always gives me that little bit of sick in my mouth . He’s the goat leading the sheep to slaughter . This’ why I reckon we’d best hang on to our head of state before there’s a change of Islands names alright . Goldman Island to the North and Sachs Island to the south .

  4. What do Peter Dunne, John “Dodgy” Banks and the Maori Party have to say about this?

    Will they all back Key’s intention to make legal what has been illegal?

    Banks may be an ethics-free zone, but I’d be looking very carefully at Peter Dunne and the Maori Party on this.

    National can’t do a ‘Patriot Act’ power grab on us without their support.

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