Love Doc Day!


love doc day April 11th


Here’s a nice thing you can do…


DOC is staffed by hard-working dedicated professionals who are passionate about conservation and protecting our environment and all the wonderful unique things to be found in it.


This Government is short-sighted and do not appreciate the importance of what they do.


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But we all do.


So to show DOC that kiwis are still behind them, on Thursday, we’re showing our love.


Here is a list of ways you could do this:

-dedicate a facebook status

-dedicate a tweet

-tell a family member/friend/person on the bus/lady that makes your coffee/guy you buy your paper off that DOC is wonderful and that they should show their love too

-bake a cake for your local office

-bake cookies for your local office

-send them flowers

-send them balloons

-write DOC a poem

-draw them a picture

-get your adorable kids to draw them a picture

-write a letter to the editor

-leave a comment here about why DOC is awesome

-share this blog with people who will also want to show DOC some love


If you have any other good ideas, comment below and let us know what else we can do.


Here is where you can find addresses of DOC offices for all the lovely surprises you have planned for them.


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