For $200 000 per year, when will Susan Devoy have a position on race relations?



Put aside the fact that Devoy’s appointment by Collins is a dog whistle to National’s lesser evolved voters.

Put aside the fact Devoy described the job of Race Relations as not complicated.

Put aside the fact that in her autobiography she said she wanted to play squash in South Africa but didn’t because it might damage her reputation.

Put aside the fact she wrote a column on Waitangi Day that showed the sort of intellectual curiosity of a Fox News host.

Put all that aside, what the bloody hell is she actually doing for her $200 000 per year?

White pride march in Christchurch, the Race Relations Commissioner has no opinion.

Renaming the North and South Islands by their Maori names, the Race Relations Commissioner has no opinion.

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Visiting Danish MP makes racist comments on Maori welcomes, the Race Relations Commissioner has no opinion.

What are we paying Susan Devoy for? With a real unemployment number in the double figures, how can this slacker get away with effectively not actually doing any work?

Devoy is an embarrassment of an appointment whose constant silence on issues of race only highlights the humiliation and shame she brings the office.

The only pakeha ‘sick of all the Susan Devoy bashing’ are the same ones who share her willfully narrow view of race relations.

She is a bigot magnet.


  1. “Later in the visit I was informed by a worried conservative politician that between 50,000 and 80,000 New Zealanders leave the country every year. But the population is not declining. The migrants – mostly of European descent – are replaced by Asian immigrants. “It will not be long before we are a brown population”, as he said.”

    Dying to know who that “worried conservative” was … sounds like a conversation that could have been had with Kyle Chapman of the National Front…

  2. She is paid to do nothing. That is the reasoning behind her appointment. If she did something, it would mean that our rulers would accept that there are racial problems in our little corner of the world. By doing nothing, she supports the racist colonial myths that define so much of our culture.

  3. Rubbish she’s from my home town, your writing is just as ignorant as all the other ill advised and facile shallow people agreeing with your views. Do some study and homework, when I was a teenager she was a hero along with the All Blacks and Kiwi league team. New Zealand needs to grow up and get over it’s political correctness.
    If you state a view in this country you get your head bitten off.
    And you mate need to do your homework, your article has stirred up all the same bullshit replies that you knew was going to be created. Do your homework first before dissing a person ok.

  4. why are people sticking up for Susan this appointment is unfair to say the least what makes me angry is she has never ever acknowledged her maori blood nek minute shes a maori and she s saying ‘your only as maori as you feel ‘yeah right . If this is the case how comes shes never felt maori before this 200 k job came up
    why did she let that stupid ignorant DANISH women get away with that racist diatribe her countries indigenous people are on reserves they dont even get clounted properly and then she allowed that redneck from the conservative party to add his bit in there to.
    Also how can she change her opinion on the treaty and race relations issues so fast 200 k thats why gee doesnt she have any pride

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