TDB-MILNZ Political Performance Poll – GCSB Issue

Waihopai: GCSB official image.

Waihopai: GCSB official image.
Waihopai: GCSB official image.
TDB/MILNZ Audience Poll: After what seems an age of political activity, media coverage, and public discourse examining the Prime Minister’s oversight of the GCSB and the appointment of Ian Fletcher as the GCSB director – let’s evaluate the performance of the Prime Minister, the parties, the politicians, the media, and how you rate the solutions that have emerged over this issue.

The Prime Minister’s Performance:

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    [poll id=”51″]
    [poll id=”53″]

Governance and Operational Professional Standards:

    [poll id=”55″]
    [poll id=”57″]

Political Performance:

    [poll id=”59″]
    [poll id=”61″]

TDB Recommends

Media Performance:

    [poll id=”63″]

How Do You Rate The Solutions:

    [poll id=”65″]

    Do let us know what are your preferred solutions via the comments block below.


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