Key’s ‘knuckle heads’ tantrum with the media

BRAIN-FADE: Prime Minister John Key finally remembers how he telephoned his mother’s best friend’s son, tipping him off to apply for the GCSB top spook job.


Farrar’s polling must be telling Key the same thing it did over the Epsom tea pot tapes, that the public loath the media more than they loath politicians so when in a jam, turn and attack the media.

Apparently the media are ‘knuckle heads’ for asking questions of how John Key appointed his childhood school chum to head the top spy agency, who in turn provided deniability over the Kim Dotcom fiasco.

Naughty media, it’s all their fault.

We accept political appointments as part of our political landscape, and while Labour certainly did their fair share of shoulder taps, the Director of the GCSB is completely different.

Key is supposed to be our only democratic check and balance over the secret intelligence apparatus, that he has appointed his mate to the top job should concern every NZer regardless of political persuasion.

What is completely ridiculous about Key’s juvenile lashing out is his claim that he won’t immediately answer any questions anymore.

Let’s get this straight, Key shoots his mouth off first denying having seen his mate for 30 years, then admits he has had breakfast with him recently, then admits he has his number in his phone, then he admits vouching for him to apply, then admits he called him directly but it’s all the medias fault and Key is going to throw a wobbly and not immediately answer questions anymore?

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John, mate. You are the Prime Minister of the country, you’re not some prissy teenager pulling a tantrum.

The mainstream media love Key so much, he could punch a baby in the face on Seven Sharp and the NZ Herald would blame the baby for having a punchable face. That the msm are genuinely critical of the leader of our country appointing his mate to head the spy agency is the first time in 4 years of them actually doing their job.

Don’t we as a country deserve better than a Prime Minister who sulks because he doesn’t like being challenged?


  1. “Don’t we as a country deserve better than a Prime Minister who sulks because he doesn’t like being challenged?”

    You got it wrong Martyn. The question should read

    “Don’t we as a country deserve a better Prime Minister?”

    • Sleazeball Key is just the Nat party’s type–and they allll vote. Solution: Outnumber, outvote them, = enroll and actively vote them out. Which means, vote for someone else en masse. You have that pill to swallow, and push the collective incumbent to be the best they can be in the post-key world.

  2. It’s the juvenile boy thing that appeals to his middle of the road voters.

    Whenever he makes clumsy, stumbling, slurring efforts to be half a leader the people who vote for him excuse it with “but he’s such a nice boy”.

    Here’s hoping that all the insults that he has thrown at the media will eventually stir them up enough to see through the gloss that has carried him so far.

  3. Martyn: you are quite wrong. John Key has long exhibited the smarmy cock-sure certainty that, right or wrong, he is right that has persuaded me his personal development stalled at age 13. He IS a prissy teenager pulling a tantrum.

  4. Speaking of which. It is remarkable that the PM managed to forget the fact of his telephone conversation with Mr Fletcher, yet can recall the conversation itself in detail. Astonishing. Well, it would be did we not realise the explanation lies in the PM’s mendacity.

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