How people feel after watching Seven Sharp


how people feel after watching Seven Sharp

How people feel after watching Seven Sharp


  1. I felt annoyed about the comments your guest said about McDonalds and not teaching or doing anything for him.

    My nephew & his wife both worked at McDonalds as teenagers and my nephew is now 40 nearly 41; they were taught a lot at McDonalds in Napier and they basically traine d my nephew into a Management position.

    My nephew now holds down an excellent position and so does his wife. Although she spends time looking after their son. Go McDonalds in Napier and Taradale.

  2. Sorry, this has got nothing to do with tonight’s progrqamme but I don’t know where else to get this to you.

    Students at an Auckland secondary school are trying to make a business of making high powered energy drinks with a capsule that helps them come out of their “high” from their drink.

    I am feeling most unhappy about this. What are these Energy drinks doing to our young ones eg teenagers.

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