Noam Chomsky on student debt



Noam Chomsky on student debt


  1. Americans are pretty much indentured slaves to corporations because an American’s economic success relies on getting a corporate job to pay off their university debt and keeping a corporate job so that they can have health insurance.

  2. You can see the enormous damage caused by Neo-Classical economists who appear, like Milton Friedman, to have been so obtuse as to be unaware that the Fat Cattists were exploiting his and their crackpot notions to enrich themselves at the expense of the Common Weal.

    I am certain that the Fat Cattists knew very well that the Chicago School of Economics was a crock, but went with it because they just couldn’t go past it for convenience to themselves.

    The thing about Neo-Classical Economics is that you can sit anywhere on the socio-political spectrum and be a Neo-Classical Economist. Soi-disant left wing Neo-Classcal Economists (such as Paul Krugman) will argue – against the evidence of all history – that the ‘free market’ is the most efficient means of bringing benefit to all. Let us lend you an ‘Invisible Hand’ (for pity’s sake). He actually believes there is such a thing as a ‘free market’ (of course there isn’t); he actually believes that the market is self regulating (in the same way that nature is). I’m here to tell anyone who will listen that the market is not self regulating in precisely the same way that nature is not self regulating. Nature is boom and bust like everything else.

    With, in effect, academic and socio-political neutrality apparently behind them, Fat Cats and their Fat Cattist supporters and allies can continue with inpunity their ultra-right-wing programme of global enslavement and ownership of everything on the planet.

    For the Marxist-Leninists among us, perhaps we can draw some encouragement from this. The process of collectivization of the Commons is proceeding apace – accelerating, withal. M-Ls don’t have to lift a finger – aside from building up a class consciousness among the non-Fat Cattists – until the process is complete. Once the Dictatorship of the Fat Cattists has been established, then overthrow the Fat Cattists, take over their empire of everything. Make them work for the erstwhile downtrodden.

    The Dictatorship of the Downtrodden we could call it, whereat the Fat Cats gets exploited for the collective good of all. Nah, leave walls and lamp-posts out of it. The Fat Cattists will have the requisite expertise in accumulation and distribution, which can, for a change, be used for the communal good.

    Do I believe this? Not really. Pity. Seemed so good when I thought it up.

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