Dear Simon Bridges


73384_10151547764201273_1930430624_nDear Minister

How are you settling into your new job?

Enjoying it? Great. Just wanted a quick word with you on this whole amendment to criminalizing protesters by allowing the military to arrest citizens.

It’s not just the ability of our armed forces being able to be used against domestic targets that concerns me Simon, it’s the fact you wont allow the public to discuss this and you wont vett this change past the Attorney-General for breaches of our Bill of Rights Act.

We all appreciate you are a puppet for corporate interests and that the Teddy Elvis case spooked big oil, but if you allow the military to be able to arrest protesting citizens outside of martial law for corporate interests and ram that change through Parliament minus public debate and Bill of Rights scrutiny, your name will go down shamefully in history.

It’s your great Grandchildren you are betraying here.

You wont save their future environment, but I suspect you’re egotistical enough to protect their name.

Don’t dare attempt to hide behind the technicality of the Supplementary Order Papers to explain away zero public input and civil rights scrutiny. That you intend to allow the Army, Navy or Air Force to arrest New Zealanders without letting New Zealanders have a say on that is democratic vandalism.

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Make this draconian and fascist change, and expect resistance Mr Bridges.


Martyn Bradbury Esquire.


  1. This should be about the stage in a functioning democracy where the attorney general exerts his powers of office and reminds a young political wannabe that there are certain legal and ethical procedures to be followed.
    But I keep forgetting I am on the wrong planet.

  2. So NZ has a kid attorney general just like Queensland’s young Jarrod Bleije. I guess young lawyer kids know how to take orders from higher ups.

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