Is allowing the defense force to arrest protesters a goose step too far?


So you thought it was outragous that the Government were caving into corporate oil and pushing throuh legislation to criminalize protest?

Well, this Government is nothing if it’s not pathological when it comes to dismantling your civil liberties.

The amendment to their criminalization of Greenpeace is far worse than baby faced Simon Bridges ever let on, the amendment allows for the NZ military to arrest the protestors.


This amendment WILL NOT go through the normal channels of public consultation and it wont be vetted by the Attorney-General for possible breaches of the Bill of Rights Act.

Just let that sink in for a second.

National are ramming a law through to allow the NZ military to arrest protestors and this legislation won’t be vetted for possible breaches of the Bill of Rights Act and we the public won’t be consulted on this.
This Government has given massive surveillance powers to the Police, the PM appoints his childhood friend to the head of the spy agency and now we won’t be allowed to debate a law that has the military arresting citizens.
History will judge Simon Bridges very harshly as the Minister who criminalized protest for corporations and forcing that law through law minus the usual democratic protocols will only add to the infamy.

The country just took a large goose step towards fascism. But like all things NZ, we are laid back about it, this is casual fascism and it’s been green-lighted by a passionless people who flock to a rich man promising vacant aspiration and empty optimism.

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  1. I can hear the fascists chanting now:

    “if you haven’t done anything wrong you have nothing to worry about”

    It is a real worry that the powers of police and military have this crossover. There will not even be fake ID numbers on the army guys when they are called in to quash protests.

    Are the wealthy growing nervous about the growing discontent of the masses?

    • Oh, the wealthy have been frightened for years, decades, centuries, of the people they are ripping off. A good deal of the fear stems from the Fat Cats’ mistaken belief that, but for the lack of money, the downtrodden are just like them: greedy, selfish, vain, paranoid, and endowed with the god given right to grab for themselves anything – everything, withal – that the whim takes them to desire.

      Those are indeed damned frightening people.

  2. How history judges this particular moment depends on who is writing the history in another hundred years. If New Zealand has become irredeemably an extreme right wing society, John Key and the government will be considered heroes. Look at Ronald Reagan being praised by Barack Obama.

    But as you say, it is an unthinkable scenario that is about to become fact, and totally scary. This government is basically out of control now and pushing through every thing it can get away with, probably with the expectation that even when an alternative government comes into power, much of its legislation will not be reversed.

    Such laws also raise questions for a Labour/Green government (Labour will never be able to govern without the Greens again). Labour really does have to renouce its neo-liberal approach for a cohesive left of centre government to function. Labour is to the present political situation what Missouri/Kansas were to the question of slavery prior to the American Civil War. Whoever wins Labour will determine the course of future political history.

  3. I find this very concerning too.
    The cross militarisation of policing here is almost fully upon us it seems under NACT.
    I assume as well as appointing Mataparae as Governor General, his Mum’s best friend’s younger son Ian Fletcher, a Yes civil servant and now security protector to totally favour corporates & Multi-Nationals (if ever there was one!) now heading the our Intelligence agency?.
    Incidentally GCSB primed spooks and our Special Tactics police are presumably all going to train with the military too when we the taxpayers stump up millions $ to pay for the upgraded joint training centre venue in Papakura I believe & the tender is quietly announced as approved?

  4. It is ironical that one of our favourite group of sons sung about history never repeating itself…..
    If you thing for one minute that all the despot countries throughout history became that way overnight you are mistaken.
    They nearly all became controlled by special interest groups one toe testing change at a time.
    Even with media oversight Germany still embraced Fascism with over 90% support of the people in the years before the 2nd world war. John Key is still many laws changes away from that state where the objectors are also made illegal.
    Can or should we rest easy in the knowledge that it might never happen?

  5. Controlling those trouble making greenies is just the wrapper. With the TPPA on its way the military jack-boot form of control needs to be made all legal like in contemplation of what’s to come.

  6. The question is: what do we do about it? Well, there is one post facto answer: defy it. Defy the Army; defy the Law; defy the Government. En masse. It is of a piece with John ‘Esau’ Key’s programme of selling off our birthri– sovereignty to corporations and banks.

    I’ll probably get droned for saying this.

  7. It is clear what is happening and clear what to do…nobody bothers when hero’s like Green Peace take peaceful protest…everybody has to wait for the shit to hits the fan….if the proberlm is not solved within the next few months there will be only two choices left…….retreat to death or a revolution to freedom and life….not you life but the futures. from today try an exsperiment to see if you pass or fail…Apart from all bills like power, doctors and rent..etc..put you wallets away for a fornight to see how well you are prepared..
    If you run out of petrol you have failed as you can not live two weeks. you should of supported horses….Do not o shopping, if somethng happens there will be no shopping, have you stored all you water and food etc…how long will you last without the system..
    so take a challenge and start preparing as we do not want people to agree then join the line as they are a burden,,…if you put a couple of drops of janola in your water it will last alot longer..freeze water to kill all germs..and do not for get to pack stuff like fishing gear…put your cuppa’s down and start preparing for war,,..that is what the sencers forms are all about….and do not forget NZ has the death penelty for treason, so if your sencer-form gets pulled out in the barrel of war and you take off up north the country will have to hunt you down and shoot you,,this has always been there it has just been dormint…

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