The Liberal Agenda: 1st-7th March


Pinch and a punch for the first of the month! Writing from a stunning sunny bay in stunning sunny Northland, I have no real desire to ever return to Auckland. So it’s a good thing that there’s some cool stuff on to drag me back to the big smoke.


The Greens are talking False Economies on Wednesday night. Denise Roche and Jan Logie are hosting a public meeting and talking about ‘The high cost of a low wage economy’. There will be speakers from a range of different groups from 7-9pm.


So for those with babies, or for those who will soon have babies, who are tossing up the ol’ diaper dilemma, Auckland City Council hold Cloth Nappy Workshops occasionally and there are two coming up on Tuesday (one in Warkworth, one in New Lynn). The workshop will cover all you need to know about all your nappy options and you get a trial pack worth $100 with different brands for you to check out. It costs $25 and you do need to book. If you miss out this week there are more to come though.

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Possibly one of the coolest ideas for a fundraiser ever will be coming to life on Saturday. Pillow Fight Day will be raising funds for Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children. If you like the idea (what’s not to like?) head to Aotea Square at midday and buy a pillow for $10 (can’t bring your own) and wallop strangers for an hour. I’m sure this must be excellent exercise. You’ll be encouraged to donate your pillow at the end of it to charities.


TDB Recommends

The Auckland International Cultural Festival is happening in the Mt Roskill War Memorial Park on Sunday. There will be food and music and cultural performances and sports. A lot of cultures are represented, many of whom don’t often get such platforms. check out in particular the Ethiopian and Rwandan dancers and the Loy Krathong wishing stream.


If you like Karl Urban,  burlesque or ukeleles, or any combination of the three. You should probably get along to the brilliantly named ‘Karl Urban Makes My Lady Parts Tingle’. Starring Miss La Vida and The Nudey Ukes (and our very own Burnt Out Teacher), this is a show about Karl Urban and the declarations of love (and obsession) that he inspires from his dedicated fans. On Friday and Saturday in the Musgrove Studio.


Alright, fine. I’ll come back to Auckland after all.


  1. Tragically, the Maidment has caught alight. Apparently the ladies were hotter than what the theatre could take. The show has been canceled until further notice 🙁

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