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When I started this idea of bringing together the best left wing and progressive opinion shapers all onto one blog to gain momentum in the lead up to next years election, my wildest ambition was that we could debut with a 100 000 page view month.

The stats are in and we have exceeded my wildest ambition. The Daily Blog in its debut month achieved 196886 page views! The appetite online to hear the other side of the story is larger than I had hoped. The incredible talent of the bloggers and writers who make visiting this site daily such delight must be thanked alongside Selwyn Manning’s great design.

The stats will see us debut on the NZ blog rankings at 5, knocking Throng off its perch. Taking Throng down a peg pleases me no end, I’ve never understood how a TV review site can be so right wing AND love every broadcasting crime NZ on Air puts money into.

The Daily Blog’s focus is to bring some real debate to the NZ Blogossphere and to provide an alternative to the far right online nonsense of Kiwiblogh, Wailoil and ultimately the exceedingly biased corporate media.

Our debut is confirmation that we are off to a great start. Thank you for reading and thank you for returning each day.

We have further announcements on May 1st of more bloggers and Unions joining.


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  1. It is frightening to be living in a covert fascist state in which the fascism increases by the day -I see the government now proposes to ban protest against oil drilling under threat of heavy penalties, and has thoughts of stealing money from private bank accounts (well, they’re doing that already via depressed savings rates and ‘inflation’)- so the opportunity to get a little of the truth mentioned is welcomed. There are so few places where the truth can be spoken/written’ these days. Corporation-owned ‘newspapers’ refuse to publish letters that point out the truth (of course). Bad for advertising revenue and business-as-usual.

    What is particularly scary for me is that we are headed into the public submission phase of local government Draft Annual Plans for communities….. and what we are presented with is largely economic mumbo-jumbo backed up by lies (or nothing at all).

    The most common phrase in New Plymouth District Council’s so-called plan is: ‘There are no significant negative effects from this activity’, which is an out right lie because every activity has significant negative effects.

    Of course, as far as NPDC is concerned (and as far as the government is concerned) melting down the planet and poisoning the general populace are not negative effects.

  2. Excellent results! And as word spreads, the numbers will rise.

    By the by, it’s interesting you mention more Unions joining. At the next industrial dispute (and there will be another one!), Unions will have a ready-made resource to spread their message far and wide.

    Something for National’s taxpayer funded Party strategists to consider.

    And something for employers, wanting to try it on, to have a careful think about.

  3. This blog is so necessary and informative. The blinders must be torn off the public eyes. A full juggernaut of dictatorial legislation and “executive” actions is currently being bulldozed through parliament –by a one-vote majority (and shamefully Maori party supported)– government. Its aim is to institutionalise the most oppressive state of inequality, we in NZ, will have ever known. It must be stopped, and will be stopped by public education and freedom of information.

    The public has a right to protest when it is not being properly represented.

  4. Congratulations to The Daily Blog, the contributing writers and many commenters, and of course readers who may just have a look and read up on progressive, alternative views.

    I am delighted to hear that TDB is so popular, and I hope that it will grow.

    Best wishes, NZ needs more of this!

  5. good to see daily blog getting traction amongst readers this is a desprately needed edition to the blogosphere to bring some balance to political coverage i can,t believe how poor the msm are when it comes to holding this current regime to account and letting them off the hook which is distorting the truth and hoodwinking the publics perception that this government is doing a good job at running the country when the opposite applies keep up the good work bomber and friends

  6. Thanks so much for the blog. I check it many times a day. Over time hopefully more and more comments will get made. What puzzles me about the stats are the numbers that Slater and Farrar get. Are NZers REALLY that right wing and hateful?

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