Citizen A with Marama Davidson & Efeso Collins


Issue 1: Is Dame Susan Devoy’s appointment as Race Relations Commissioner a step forwards or backwards for Race Relations in NZ?

Issue 2: Do Nick Smith or Len Brown have any affordable housing options for the poor?

and Issue 3: Why must we be burning DoC to save DoC?

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    • ….. since a band of ideologues invented some dogma and labelled it neoliberalism – at that point it EXCLUDED people

      • Yep – our world view in general has become so warped and I think we should be doing all we can to change those narratives and reclaim definitions for our healthier futures.

  1. I think Shakespeare nicely summed up the present government – “something is rotten in the state of Denmark”

    Re DoC – I wouldn’t put it past this government to try to completely do away with the Conservation Department – the most obvious move would be to join it with some other government department so that its role was further compromised.

    I was going for a walk around a lake in a council owned park when it struck me that this government has one ultimate objective, and that is to move all community assets into private ownership.Benefit bashing, race relations conciliator etc are basically ways to massage a majority to see privatisation through. The reasons it wants to do this range from ideological motivation to more hidden agendas. I use the word “hidden” not to imply a conspiracy theory as such, but simply that the public in general don’t know what this motivation might be. Individual players in the government all have their different rational for being part of it ie ambition, pecuniary gain, monetarist ideology, conservative sensibilities, supporting farmers – so it’s a sort of alliance of people who are to a greater or lesser degree being played as saps in the bigger picture.

    Perhaps this sounds extreme, but I would consider myself a fairly rational, well-balanced person, and this government is just not making sense. One thing I am sure of though, and that is that it has no interest in doing the right thing – something that I don’t think I would ever have accused any other government in my lifetime of.

    • Maybe merge DoC with the Environmental Protection Authority and/or Ministry for the Environment?

      Many value maintaining a pristine native environment, all very alien to this government and its supporters; their values, anything with a dollar sign preceding it, we’ll probably eventually see their values on everything.

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