The shameful, shameful framing of Teina Pora



There can be no question of how dirty and filthy the tactics employed by the NZ Police to frame a teenager for a rape murder he never committed.

-Interviewing a teenager for 5 days without a lawyer.

-paying for false testimony.

-Pora not even knowing which address the murder/rape was commiteed in.

and now we find out that the Police knew the DNA never matched…

New twist in Teina Pora case
A 3rd Degree investigation has revealed another extraordinary twist in the case of Teina Pora.
He was convicted of the 1992 rape and murder of Susan Burdett after telling police he’d witnessed the attack. Many experts consider his confession false and his conviction a miscarriage of justice.
Now it has been discovered police had already figured out the Auckland woman had been attacked by a serial rapist before Pora went to trial. But the DNA tests that would prove that serial rapist was Malcolm Rewa didn’t come back until after Pora was convicted.

…for many NZers who are fed a media diet of Authority Porn TV cop shows where Mr Plod is always shown in the most positive light, such revelations that the NZ Police framed a teenager for a rape/murder he never committed will be difficult to accept.

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For me the most compelling evidence over and above what has already been listed is the specifics of this case. The murder was brutal and created blood splatter patterns that suggested a frenzied violence well beyond the capabilities of a teenage boy.

The Police knew that, but they framed this kid anyway.

Congratulations to 3rd Degree, this is television journalism at its best.

This is a shameful, shameful day in NZ justice and serious questions have to be asked of how the Police managed to get away with these types of corrupt tactics and it begs the question, how many other innocent NZers are serving time for crimes they never committed.

The NZ Police framed a kid for 20 years and are now scrambling to cover that corruption. If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.


  1. On this issue I couldn’t agree with you more, anyone who watched that 3rd degree episode should now know, how criminal the police acted. It simply couldn’t be any more clear.
    When they were trying to find the house it was hard to watch, even yelled at the TV giving my partner a fright “Oh C’mon!!!! thats bullshit” with the same passion like I was watching the Warriors

    • Yelling at cops to be honest is about as productive as yelling at the Warriors to start tackling 😛

  2. The fact that the Police and the Judicial have so far not responded to case of in-justice is a national disgrace. This young man must be freed now and not allowed to rot in jail a day longer.
    Hopefully the Howard League well takes up this man case, each day he waits in jail makes me ashamed to be a Kiwi.

  3. He rotted in gaol because:
    1. The Police have a very hard job and we have to expect that they will make a few mistakes.
    2. Even if he hadn’t committed this crime, he would have done others.
    3. The New Zealand Police are the best in the world.
    4. WIth all the horrific things that upstanding Police officers see, they can be excused the odd mistake.
    5. Police are hobbled by an activist judiciary who want nothing more than to release dangerous criminals.
    6. They should have just shot him. Police, Glock, problem solved.
    7. You liberals are all communists who are the first to call the Police when someone spills your latté.
    8. In North Korea, which you love so much, he wouldn’t have even got a trial.
    9. Your focusing on this just makes the job of the Police even harder.
    10. Prisons are luxury resorts anyway – the government should send him a bill for food and accommodation.

    Or at least because sufficient of our people think like this that the Police can get away with acting in this manner. As far as I’m concerned, each and every cop and prosecutor who participated in this atrocity should be left to rot in prison for the same length of time this poor guy was. It’s only when real measures are taken against this sort of criminal perversion of justice that anything will ever change.

    • Apologies. I hadn’t quite read your final paragraph. My sentiments precisely re people who hold such views. Got my attention regardless! Apologies again.

      • One of the real problems in Aotearoa today is that you can be as satirical as you like and still have it mistaken for a political party press release.

  4. everytime we hear or read of Teina, we feel very sad indeed; sadder still that a case like his is only the tip of the ice-berg of Institutionalized discrimination and disadvantage faced by many New Zealanders lacking political and civic power.

  5. What is really appalling is that the real perpetrator of this crime has not been punished for it. How many events have we now had of Police fabricating evidence to get a conviction at any price a la Arthur Alan Thomas? Too many.

    • I think they got Malcolm Rewa as well on this one, so they had the guilty guy and still left the innocent guy to rot. It really beggars belief.

  6. LET HIM OUT !

    I hope he sues this GOVT for MILLIONS and the pigs as well

    21 years is unacceptable being locked up for something he didnt do
    The pigs suck
    They ARE CORRUPT as fuk…. and belt women..

    This just proves theyll do anything to get a conviction…..

  7. Unfortunately he is not a nerdy looking classics major who had a paper run….hence his still being in jail…

  8. who remembers the young women who was raped in wellington quite a few years ago? she took the train to the central police station and then spent about 30 min waiting at the front desk while no one came to help her.
    the police claimed the ctv camera at the front desk was “broken” that night, the truth was that they had turned it off after the officer on the front desk had grabbed a drunk man and dragged him accross the counter while assaulting him! no one came out to tend to this poor women because the police were all out the back having a great time assaulting this drunk who made the mistake of objecting to being told to “fuck off” by the smart arse on the front desk
    another corrupt cover up……..

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