Peter Jackson wants to direct a Dr Who episode – how will NZ taxpayers get conned?


Peter Jackson’s Darleks at a select committee meeting this month arguing for a limitation of unionized labour

Peter Jackson wants to direct a Dr Who movie episode meaning it will be 5 hours long with non-unionized Dalek’s rewriting our labour laws.

After the manufactured crisis at the Hobbit where Jackson and Key pretended the union’s demand to be treated fairly was a reason to give Warner Bros millions in corporate welfare, I’m not sure what I’m expecting Peter Jackson’s Daleks to scream out…

“Terminate contract! Terminate contract!”

“Exacerbate union frictions! Exacerbate union frictions!”

“Contaminate public good will! Contaminate public good will!”

“Impersonate good faith bargaining! Impersonate good faith bargaining!”

“Exaggerate union demands! Exaggerate union demands!”

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“Disseminate false information! Disseminate false information!”

“Instigate anti-union hysteria! Instigate anti-union hysteria!”

“Incriminate Helen Kelly! Incriminate Helen Kelly!”

“Discriminate against workers! Discriminate against workers!”

“Eradicate union rights! Eradicate union rights!”

“Masturbate all over our labour laws! Masturbate all over our labour laws!”

etc etc.


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