This isn’t ‘white pride’, it’s immature neo-Nazism



Let’s be honest shall we? This isn’t ‘white pride’, it’s immature neo-Nazism. If it goose steps like a fascist, it’s a fascist.

The attempt by Kyle and his sad bunch of merry men to sell this as some sort of cultural response by the poor down trodden white race is more hysterically funny than concerning.

Dressing up in SS inspired pajamas and sulking about whitey not getting his is the sort of tired delusions of people in desperate need of a joint.

I’ve never seen candidates more in need of medicinal cannabis in my entire life. Poor old Christchurch, putting up with earthquakes is one thing, putting up with immature neo-Nazis is another.

Good on those who stood up to these bully’s and counter protested this embarrassing racism.

Kyle and his ilk are proof of what happens when you underfund public education, let’s use their ignorance as examples of what we don’t want to produce from our schools.


  1. Saluting the Sieg Heil and shaving one’s head seems to be a trailer trash thing. The more educated and white-collar bigots tend to repackage their bigotry as ‘protecting Western civilisation’ from ‘savages’ and ‘jihadists’, and I find them far more dangerous than shaven-headed clowns because people actually do fall for the respectability of the white-collar bigots. Think Pam Geller in the States, Geert Wilders and David Irving in Europe, Keith Windschuttle in Aussie, and Michael Laws and David Round in NZ.

  2. Good on those who stood up to these bully’s and counter protested this embarrassing racism.

    Those who protest against this freak show deserve great praises and I certainly hope society today is more enlightened than to subscribe to this vulgar movement.

    While media in the past decade focused on Islamic extremists in the “war on terror”, they’re rather mute on the reality that movements of far-right thugs are increasing, particularly in Europe.

    Kyle and his ilk are proof of what happens when you underfund public education, let’s use their ignorance as examples of what we don’t want to produce from our schools.

    True. How can many in the government from backgrounds that would be targets in the firing line from a growing neo-Nazi movement (Key, Parata, Bennett) possibly be ignorant to the reality of what their policies are breeding?

  3. Might be a bit off topic but relevant to the subject of Nazism in New Zealand.

    My father experienced the horrors of Nazi occupation during the war and was a slave labourer. Later opposed the Soviet occupation of his homeland and had to flee for his life. He immigrated here after managing to make it through a very difficult immigration process.

    For many years he worked at Wellington port. While there he once recognised the face of a worker and realised who it was: a high ranking SS officer who served in the region of his homeland. My father confronted him and gave him a piece of his mind – never saw him at work again.

    Here was someone responsible for placing the Jews of the region in the town’s ghetto then subsequently liquidating it, executions, and anti-partisan operations that involved the destruction of numerous villages and civilians.

    Later learned he could speak Yiddish and tried to be recognised as a Jew, however was caught out when he was unable to prey at a synagogue. Family didn’t want anything to do with him and he died in terrible circumstances.

    My father later learned of others in Wellington who could’ve been involved in atrocities; a member of the Einsatzgruppen and Waffen SS. My father was not a witness or knew any major details of these people however.

    This was just in Wellington, what about the rest of the country? How could this country possibly allow such monsters to live here?

    Besides the worst examples, consider many immigrants who settled here after the war who may not have committed atrocities but who harboured Nazi beliefs. Whether these beliefs are inherited by their descendants, who knows? My father told me a story of how once at work a Romanian immigrant who was in Luftwaffe service boast of his service in bombing England – to the discuss of many workers.

    New Zealand along with Australia and South America proved to be desirable safe havens for such people. But not the first or last time it will occur. I thought the following blog post gave a good example of those with extreme views contemplating here as a safe haven in modern times, also Confederates after the US Civil War in the region:

    Consider in recent times immigrants who have come here from nations where racist and oppressive regimes ruled: South Africa, Zimbabwe, among others. Granted not all immigrants from these places subscribe to the ugly beliefs of these systems, but no one can deny there are some who do harbour such beliefs.

    But then again there’s plenty of racism and ignorance from colonialism here, all part of the terrible tapestry of racism in this country.

    It’s a fact Nazi criminals did indeed settle here, many are dead but possibly some may still be alive. Successive governments failed terribly in bringing these monsters to justice.

  4. Really think a joint will fix this lot? Perhaps in the past they may have instilled fear in people but I think they look completely ridiculous and laughable. That whole shaved head and arm rising like a dog’s leg when taking a leak scene has really played out, don’t you think? The future Fourth Reich, eh? If they resort to their dirty business, we’ll see who comes out better off. Master race my ass.

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