Previewing TV3s ‘Vote Idol’



I am hoping TV3s new ‘Vote’ show that will slot into 3rd Degree’s timeslot lives up to the hype.

Think of it as a Current Affairs Idol. Guyon Espiner, Duncan Garner and Mariah Carey will judge the issues, text, interactive social media and a live studio audience will decide the outcome.

Some representative from Chapman Tripp will add authority.

It all sounds terribly charming.

I’m hoping for the best but after the disappointment of what Seven Sharp has done to the careers of Tim Wilson and Jesse Mulligan and 3rd Degree’s lack of burn I am prepared to be eye rolling my way through an hour of my life I won’t get back.

I suspect producer Tim Watkins’ hope after such a dull blaze of mediocrity at Q+A (I must start watching that show again now he’s left) is to get Russell Brown, Bryce Edwards, John Drinnan and Bill Ralston to all tweet mildly supportive twitter comments while it screens. I’m pretty certain Watkins has blacklisted me after I heavily criticized his and Espiner’s terrible coverage of the Te Tai Tokerau by-election and the unforgivable handing over of Jon Stephenson’s Metro article to Wayne Mapp before it came out, so I won’t be holding my breath for an invite.

What could be great about the show is what Matt McCarten insinuates in his column in the Herald today, that the arguments made by clever and passionate advocates may help change peoples opinions.

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Seeing as the right really have no justification for the continuation of making the 1% richer and richer, it will be fun to watch their arguments drown.

I hope for the sake of current affairs in NZ that the Vote can lift the benchmark.