Comedy Fest picks 2013


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The Daily Blog will be reviewing the International Comedy Fest this year, and sweet Zombie Jesus it’s an amazing line up.

It’s terribly disappointing that Brendhan Lovegrove has cancelled (he is always a personal favorite) and heartbreaking that Michele A’Court is on at the same time as Jeremy Elwood. How on earth am I going to decide which one to go to? I am tempted to watch half of one act and then sneak out to go to the other act, but suspect I will have to make the decision with a coin flip.

The International Comedy Fest simply goes from strength to strength with so much incredible talent now on display, you would be a fool to miss out on the smorgasbord of laughter.

Here are the daily blog picks for the festival this year…

5 star comedy preview – 25th April

Dr Brown and his singing tiger – 1st May

Fiona O’Loughlin – 27th April

TDB Recommends

Jack Dee – 1st May

Jeremy Elwood or Michele A’Court – 27th April

The Secret Police Mans Ball – 12th May

Stand up for kids – 4th May

Tom Green – 1st May

Tom Rhodes – 30th April

Wayne Brady – 5th May